10 Reasons Why ANDY RUIZ JR Beat Anthony Joshua To Win 3 Belts

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Andy Ruiz Jr pulled off the unthinkable last weekend against all odds, beating Anthony Joshua, to cause one of boxings biggest upsets ever. Here, we break down all the warning signs leading up to the bout and consider 10 reasons why we should never have underestimated the first Mexican heavyweight champion of all time.

Ruiz is not a little man He is 6‘2“ tall 260 plus pounds fast and and perhaps most importantly he was struggling financially with the biggest payday and the biggest opportunity of his life he did not waste it, he just plain out smarted outboxed and out fight Anthony Joshua and his team.

Joshua rushed the finish and underestimated Ruiz recovery. He jumped into Ruiz zone and got clipped. Never recovered.

Cant believe how fast Ruiz is and how hard he punches Never judge a book by its cover Bravo Ruiz…

Great point in the vid. With Ruiz in the mix, he may have brought back fights worth watching in the heavyweight division. I’m not much of a fan of Ruiz but you don’t hear so many mouths running lately.

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Inspirational is a way over-used word. Here, it applies. Ruiz was robbed in the Parker bout. When this happened to Hagler, Hagler refused to let it happen again (see Hagler post-cut in “The War”)… despite the nonsense that went down when the cards, unfairly, went to Leonard years later.

Not taking anything away from Ruiz because he is quality but everyone must have noticed that Joshua didn’t turn up that night. I personally wouldn’t bet againt AJ in the rematch even though I actually bet against him in the first fight.

he totally dove on that hit in the 3rd round to bring Joshua in for the kill where he could roll the throw and counter with that devastating hit behind the temple. pro plan played to the T

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