4 Key Things to Consider While Planning a Condo Renovation

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Even though all home renovation Vancouver may seem the same to you, renovating a house and condo are two different things. Often homeowners make the mistake of planninghome renovations and condo renovations Vancouver the same way. Understandably both the processes produce similar-looking results but the method is starkly different. A condo renovation strategy, planning, limitation, and possibilities must be pre-planned before the renovation starts. Professional home renovators who offer condo and townhouse upgrades indeed have great plans and ideas for your space but as a homeowner, you must make appropriate planning so that things don’t go downhill once the process starts.

To make sure that you don’t get confused or misdirected while making home renovation, here are some of our key points to consider while renovating your condo-

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind While Renovating a Condo?

Understand the Rules

The first thing you need to understand before executing a condo renovation is that certain rules need to be taken care of if you don’t want any legal authorities to intervene. Of course, the condo board will not have a say on the materials you use or other cosmetic decisions. But it will play a huge role on the days you make the renovation, when the materials will arrive, whether or not the elevators can get used, etc. It is best to take help from a professional who understands the local codes and rules and regulations properly. They will have a great connection and network to make sure that the condo renovation occurs without any glitches in permits or approvals.

Know What You Want

It is important to understand what you require from your renovation. When you hire professional home renovation companies, they will ask you about your renovation plan. Some owners renovate spaces for re-selling or rental purposes. Commonly these home renovations occur to give homeowners the pleasure of experiencing comfort in their new modern spaces. Depending upon your needs the renovators will make transformations in your existing home.

Understandably, you might get confused about what you really want from the condo space. Think of it this way, where do you picture yourself 7 or 10 years from now? Will you be selling or renting the condo space? Would you be thinking of starting a family here? These are the important questions to consider while renovating any kind of condo. Based on the answers to these questions you must have to inform your selected agency about the condo improvement plans.

Also, deciding the periods you are going to spend in the condo is crucial. If it’s a short period, there is no need to make big changes. If you are interested in making big custom transformations, try to live in the condo for more than 7 years. That way, the money which you have invested won’t go to waste.

Understand Your Limits

It is common for homeowners to have grand renovation ideas for their condos. But sometimes there is a difference between what they imagine and what comes true. Of course, it is important to know what designs and installments you want, but more importantly, it is crucial to know what cannot be done. For example, many condos have intrusive columns and old angled walls that cannot be structurally removed. So even if you want some different installation in that place, it cannot happen. It is best to take help from a professional home renovation company to avoid these complicated situations. They will survey the entire condo and inform you about the spaces and permanent features that cannot be changed. After all, it’s best to understand your project limitations so that you don’t fall in love with an idea that cannot be a reality, right?

Stay Flexible

Many times it so happens that the client has already made a lot of planking without consulting the renovators. These pre-made plans may not be viable for the current home renovation but yet the client wants to go for it. This creates a lot of gap between the builder’s view and the client’s demands which shouldn’t be the case. Instead, when you go for condo renovations, remain flexible. Talk out with the agency that you have chosen to renovate your space and be open to their suggestions. It is important for you to not be rigid during the discussions saying, ‘I want this’ or ‘I want that’. Moreover, do not have any specific needs. This creates an unnecessary boundary for the builders. In the end, they are not able to bring in their experience or expertise to work because of your specifications.

For example- sometimes you may feel like having a king-sized bed installed, keeping a large fridge or having a double sink. Now, if your current condo doesn’t have the space or installation option for it, how are the builders going to make it possible?

So it is better to realise what your priorities are and focus on them rather than beating your head about unnecessary details. Listen to what your renovation experts are saying since they have a lot of experience and knowledge in building condos. They will give you the best options for building a new space of your own.

Less Tearing Down

If you are a homeowner who likes detailed moldings and wants to incorporate them in your condo projects, think again. Getting this look to be a part of your condo is not as simple as you think. Tearing down the old molding will unhinge the door frames too. It gets difficult to test down the entire thing because usually door frames are metal in quality.

Top home renovation companies Vancouver suggests homeowners to not look into designs that will year down the condo. Instead, focus on things that can upgrade them. For example- you can build your door frames in a way that adds to the existing frame rather than takes it apart. It will result in better quality and better-looking door frames to add to the sense of your comfort.

Keep these important factors in mind while going for condominium renovation. Make sure you hire professionals like Roadhouse Homes for the job. While hiring any of the top home renovation companies make sure they have a good customer base so that nothing goes amiss in your renovation process.



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