5 Stages Of A Relationship Every couple should know


We human beings are the most complex forms of lifeforms. Therefore no wonder that our relationships are equally complex. Knowing the anatomy of a relationship is essential in navigating through it. A relationship is not always about feelings of butterflies, kissing in Paris, or passionate sex. There are a lot of intricate details that one needs to know about in order to function effectively. So today, we will discuss the five prominent stages of a relationship and what that means.  

Why A Relationship Matters For Mental Health?

For a relationship to work effectively, you need to understand the different phases that you might go through. Not all of these phases are happy and fun. Some would only bring you gut punches that can feel too much at times. Right now, things might seem all sunny and beautiful. However, when reality sets in, things would change. 

This change can intimidate somebody for sure. However, you must know that these changes are inevitable. Instead of being scared of the change, consider embracing it. Accept the fact that change is important. A botched-up relationship can not only affect somebody emotionally but mentally as well. So for the sake of a peaceful mind, we are here to explain to you a comprehensive timeline of a relationship and what are the important points that you need to remember.

The Phases You Will Go Through.

Generally, these phases can be divided into five distinct stages. These stages are all distinctively different from one another. Therefore, they demonstrate distinct qualities. We are here to guide you through these stages in order to truly understand the anatomy of a relationship. Let’s go!


This comes at the very beginning of a relationship. This phase can last up to the first six months of a relationship. During this time, things are mostly rosy and happy. In other words, the initial phase of a relationship is a phase where both of you guys are getting to know each other. This is a phase where both of you guys would be at your best behavior as both of you are still unsure about each other inherently. However, it is also a phase that is heavily influenced by the fact that both of you guys only know what the other person wants you to know. Therefore, it is a phase where red flags tend to be ignored. 

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This is a phase where both individuals take off their rose-tinted sunglasses and slowly bring out each other’s claws. In other words, this is a period where red flags start to emerge, and the rosy feeling is replaced with a feeling of uncertainty which can last for the first two years of a relationship. This is usually a phase where couples tend to give up because of the steep learning curve this stage throws at them. Unlike before, now you slowly get a hint of who the person is without any pretense. Due to this, there can be conflicts. Understandably, many people confuse this stage as a “falling out of love” stage. But it is farthest from the truth. If you and your significant other are willing, then things will work out. That being said, it will not be easy. 


Once the grueling adjustment stage is over, it is soon followed by a stage called the adjustment stage. This is a phase that comes after 2 years of being in a relationship.  This is a phase that would give rise to deep-seated conflicts that do not have any resolution. Therefore, the only way forward is if you and your partner move past it or make peace with them. These conflicts can range from familial to ethnic to race. This phase in a relationship is a double-edged sword.  You would find your partner to slowly accept you as a person, but it is also a phase that can make somebody complacent in a relationship. In other words, being with somebody for such a significant time can definitely make individuals more accepting of each other, but it can also make them way more complacent than usual. This can make your relationship stale, as the chasing should never stop, in our opinion.

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There is not much difference between the adjustment and the commitment stage, except for one thing. In both stages, both parties involved tend to become more accepting of each other’s flaws and start getting more and more comfortable. However, unlike the adjustment stage, this stage comes with a huge deal. This is a phase that you and your significant other would commit to each other. Therefore, you are ready to go to the final stage of your relationship. 


It has been years since you guys have been together. Nobody knows him the way you do, and vice versa. This is a phase where you truly realize that the person you are with has flaws, but still, they are yours. This is a phase where two people who are together would function as a singular unit. Unlike the honeymoon phase, where you think you know your significant other inside out, this phase is the phase where you actually know your significant other. This is a phase that might not be all rosy and sundresses, but it is a phase where your relationship becomes the most stable. 

Final Thought. 

There you go; these were all the stages that your relationship would go through in due time. Falling in love will always be the easiest of all, but as your relationship grows, things will get more and more difficult. But if you and your significant other are willing, things will work out eventually. 

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