6 Best USA State Parks For Viewing Wildlife

National Park Service came into existence in the year 1916 USA State. And since then, the family has done everything possible to create and preserve the natural habitat and landscapes for the wildlife. People who love to witness the beauty and existence of different species and creatures in the world must plan their trips to the national parks of the USA. Serving as a guide for you all, we have brought you some of the best USA state parks for viewing wildlife. Believe us. You will be amazed to fall into the lap of nature with lovely and cute creations by Mother Nature.

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Now, let’s figure out the uniqueness of the state parks of the USA and see why they are worth visiting. Let’s get started! 

Lake Clark National Park in USA State

This park is located in Alaska. Though it is one of the national parks of America, that has been least visited. But the reason for this might excite you to come here. Yes, it is quite challenging if you really want to explore the internal beauty of the park. Many hibernating creatures such as coastal bears and cubs can be seen walking down the beaches before they go for their long sleep during the winters. To have a close view of them, you just can’t go alone near them. You need to follow a naturalist of the park who is well aware of the mood and activities of the animals present there. 

However, bears are not the only animals you can see in this state park. You can also come across others like moose, Dall sheep, caribou, and wolves. These come under the large mammal category. While on the other hand, when it comes to some of the small and cute animals, the list includes red fox and porcupines.  

Moreover, this ecosystem of wildlife is not restricted to the land only. It is spread to the water body. Here, you can find more than 25 species of fish and sea creatures. 

Yellowstone National Park in USA State

It is the USA’s first national park. With the objective of preserving and saving a huge variety of wildlife, it was opened in the year 1872. You will be amazed to know that more than 3 million tourists come to this place every year.  The wildlife is spread in 2 million acres of land. People who love to explore the outdoors must not miss coming here. Also, it is very easy to spot different species of animals because they have the leverage to roam sound in the wildlife.  

It is advisable to explore this wildlife on your foot. Some of the main attractions of this wildlife are black bears, wolves, lynx, grizzly bears, coyotes, mountain lions, and wolverines. On the other hand, there are those animals also on which these animals prey. They include white-tailed deer, pronghorn, mule deer,  mountain goats, moose, elk, and bison.

Above all, this is one of the wildlife that allows the visitors to witness the live view of predator-prey contacts and the relationships. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

Located in Colorado, it takes the state to another level. Again, this park is also home to a lot of animals and wildlife creatures. One of the most unique and special attractive species in this park is the elk. They are known fr displaying male dominance over their female counterparts. They call their female counterparts for a rut in such a melodious voice that it has been named “Elktober.”

However, elk brings most of the visitors to the Rocky Mountain National Park. But they are not the only ones. There are other contributors in gathering people’s attention as well. Some of them include Moose, Bighorn sheep, deer, and coyotes. 

Glacier Bay National Park

Coming from rocky mountains to the sea marine wildlife.  There are many sea creatures that survive in and around this wildlife. When you ask about the animals that you can see on the sea surface are sea otters, porpoises harbor seals, and various species of whale. Whereas, when it comes to land you can see porcupines, grizzly bears, and black bears. And in the sky, there’s the beautiful American bald eagle.

You can enjoy viewing the animal in the water while walking on the seashore. No matter, which part of the wildlife you are in, you are going to experience something or the other everywhere you go. 

Everglades National Park

Till now, we either have been talking about the land creatures or the creatures from the sea. What about the birds? So, this is the wildlife preserving different species of birds. However, this is not the solly home for the birds. There are aquatic as well as the lad’s animals living here. The highlights of this wildlife are the pelicans, flamingo, roseate spoonbills, egrets,, flying birds, heron-wading birds, and hydro-dynamic birds.

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Apart from the birds, there are saltwater raccoons, amphibians, opossums, insects, grey foxes, snakes, deer, and, the Florida alligator.

U.S. Virgin Island

It is considered the tropical paradise on the earth. It has clean, blue water and is home to gigantic sea turtles.  The island glides across the turquoise Caribbean sea. More than 300 kinds of tropical fish inhabit the area’s coral reefs. You can see them dancing in front of the GoPro tied to your PFD. The park has even retained an underwater trail with signs to assist snorkelers in locating key oceanic animals.

On the ground, butterflies flutter, lizards mount the walls of historic sugar cane plantations, while 144 species of birds keep an eye on things from above. This US territory off the coast of Florida has one of the best collections of marine and terrestrial fauna, thanks to its nutrient-rich environment.

Finally, we have come to the end of the list on 6 Best USA State Parks For Viewing Wildlife. We hope that you have got clear insights into the wildlife. Whichever excites you more, you can make plans for your next vacation trip. Just be sure that you choose the correct season to visit a particular state park so that you don’t have to miss the significant part of that park, for which it is famous. 

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