7 dangerous dental issues that can affect the whole body

Dentist Check Up
Dentist Check Up

Oral health is something that should never be taken lightly. This is because oral diseases can lead to various other dangerous complications in our body. So, whenever you’re facing any kind of dental problems, schedule a visit to the dentist immediately and get yourself checked. For your knowledge, we are here with some of the dangerous dental issues that can affect our entire body. 

1 Periodontal disease: Various researchers have found that people having gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from chronic heart disease. This kind of heart disease occurs when plaque forms in the walls of our coronary arteries, causing the artery walls to become thicker. Gum diseases can also cause other serious complications including rheumatoid arthritis, worsen diabetes, cause low-birth weight babies in pregnant women and many more conditions. Regular checkups and treatment is encouraged to keep periodontal disease in check.  A Pin Hole Surgery Dubai can also reverse the recession that happens with certain types of periodontal disease.

2 Bacterial invasions in the mouth: Again, Bacterial invasion because of improper or inadequate oral hygiene in our mouth may lead to neurological diseases like dementia and possibly worsen Alzheimer’s disease. The oral bacteria travel through the bloodstream and enter the brain causing degeneration of the brain cells. Regular checkups and hygiene are recommended to prevent such bacterial build up.

3 Missing teeth can cause malalignment: These maligned teeth can affect your entire facial appearance. It can also cause different types of complications in various other parts of the body. Malocclusion can also lead to teeth grinding or Bruxism which may cause persistent headaches. That is why if you are suffering from missing teeth, you must try and get the teeth replaced as soon as possible to prevent malocclusion and bone loss in the jaws. The best way to treat missing teeth is to get Best Dental Implants in Dubai.

4 Bruxism: Bruxism or night grinding is an extremely common condition that can affect the temporo-mandibualar joining or the TMJ. Most people have no idea that they are doing it. Many women complain of chronic headaches but it’s a bit more difficult to diagnose in men. Sometimes severe grinders can have shoulder pain, neck pain and migraines as well. Try and look for the best Dental Clinic Near Me and get yourself treated. Sometimes a bit of enamel adjustment will do the trick. Other times you might need a night-guard to wear while you sleep.

5 Oral cancer: Oral cancer is no doubt the most dangerous dental disorder. It initially starts with a lump or patch in the mouth but sometimes they are more difficult to spot and can be almost invisible. Quite often the patient suffers no pain at all which makes it even more difficult to detect the disease at its initial stages. Oral cancer can spread to various other parts of the body, a process called metastasis. It’s a good idea to visit the dentist regularly to get yourself checked in case you suspect something awry.

6 Tooth tooth loss: Total loss of teeth can lead to a change in diet and an overall reduction in the quality of life as a result of the associated malnutrition that invariably follows. Full Mouth Dental Implants are the best way to replace complete tooth loss. Options such as All-on-4 implants are a very good alternative in these situations.

7 Wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth can be really troublesome for your entire health. Patients who leave their wisdom teeth untreated can start to suffer from headaches, occlusal issues, facial pain, not to mention losing the teeth in front of them because of food lodgement etc. Wisdom teeth can also cause TMJ disorders. In these cases, Wisdom Tooth Removal is the best option to prevent further complications.

These were the seven severe dental problems that can affect your entire body. If any of these sounds familiar or if you just want to make sure that all is ok, schedule a consultation with your friendly neighbourhood dentist.



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