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9 types of blinds to decorate your home

Nobody conceives a bed without a quilt, right? Well the same goes with the windows. Today we bring you the best ideas of curtains and blinds to give life to your windows. 

The windows are one of the most important points of your house: they suppose a vanishing point to the outside and an entrance of light to avoid the darkness and the sensation of claustrophobia. But they are also decisive when it comes to decorating your spaces, giving personality to your home and delimiting your private space.

Because through its covering elements, such as curtains and blinds, you can control the light intensity that enters, the privacy of your home and the style of your habitat. That yes, everything depends on the type of window that you have, its size and disposition, and your objectives. Let’s review the types of decoration you can find in the market to see how they fit your needs:

Roman blinds in cascade

They are made from a single piece of fabric, which is divided into horizontal segments of the same height that will fold as you lift them.

Austrian blinds

More rococo and stately, they have ropes that tighten them from the back, giving them a puckered appearance in the form of ruffles or petals.

Japanese panel

It is a very fashionable type of blind because of its great elegance and practicality. It is a large piece, generally of very vertical proportions, sliding horizontally, giving the impression of moving modules (which can be more or less translucent). It is used in very large windows or even, preferably, for access to terraces or balconies, with an effect of great majesty.

Venetian aluminum

Indeed: it is the typical shutter of spy movies. Our favorite actors have separated two of their lamas with their fingers to find out if anyone was waiting for them outside, and half-world offices are decorated with them. Despite this detail, they are entering the homes with strength for their industrial touch, their washing technique, and how well they adapt to spaces such as kitchens. There are all kinds of colors and they are very durable.

Venetian wood

A whole classic. We have chosen for the image a black wood so that you do not take the false impression that they can only be found in brown tones: they are very versatile and elegant.

Vertical curtain

Majestic and suitable for large spaces. Formed by narrow strips that fall from the ceiling to the ground, and that pick up occupy a certain dedicated area. A classic that accompanies his stylistic contribution of a very spectacular acting to cum and draw back.

Pleated curtain

Very traditional, practical and light. It occupies so little space when picked up (it folds back on itself to the minimum expression) that it is ideal for small flats and apartments.

Package or folding blind to pack

This type of curtain does not carry rods, its fall being less forced and more natural. This gives a more ornate air, with more body to the window, greater warmth to the home, a more rustic style. Therefore, it is not suitable for minimalist decorations.

Roller blind

One of the most common today due to its practical collection system: it occupies very little and has a very versatile manufacturing, with a large quantity of fabrics, colors and even personalized patterns or images. 

Remember that the vast majority of these varieties can be manufactured in many types of textiles, being important their durability and ease of washing and maintenance. Sofa King Dubai delivers all kinds of curtains and blinds in Dubai.


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