A Complete Guide to Trekking in Sikkim

The trekking expedition amidst the picturesque beauty of Nature, accompanied by the serene backdrop can be the soul-stirring self-realizing effect on you and which destination could be better than the captivating landscape of the beautiful Himalayan state of India known as Sikkim. Trekking in Sikkim is such an adventurous and rejuvenating experience that travel enthusiasts from all over the world visit here and embark on various short and long treks of Sikkim. The large stretch of green meadows, deep valleys and pristine snow-clad mountain tops along with the sparkling waterfalls, orchards of vivid flowers and the beauty of the quaint villages of the Sikkim will ignite your fervour for the trekking and allure you to board the bandwagon of trekkers. The cloudy mountains and stunning slopes of the Sikkim trek routes are the Nature’s boon which offers some adrenaline-pumping expedition experience for the hardcore hikers who like to live on the edge.

With the plethora of easy, moderate and tough trek routes, Sikkim is the paradise for both the amateur and the professional trekking and hiking enthusiasts. Our packages of the mountain trekking expedition in Sikkim are designed keeping the adventure on top of the mind. The numerous trek packages are well suited for the first-timers as well as the experienced trekkers and will let you experience the Midas touch of nature which will bring the most refreshing and rejuvenating effect on your mind, body and soul.


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