A Guide on How to Buy Effective Bathroom Signs


Did you know that when you invest in high-quality bathroom signs, you’re creating a comfortable place not just for customers but for employees as well? It’s because you’re showing these individuals that your brand cares about their health and wellness.

Collectively, the smallest details make the most significant impact. This is also true when running a business. From well-lighted rooms that allow customers to shop with ease to strategically installed indoor business signs that promote orderliness, these are just some examples of how little things produce significant effects. Beyond your products or services, a safe and pleasant environment is key to keeping customers inside your establishment and encouraging them to return in the future.

While restroom signs are essential investments for every brick-and-mortar entrepreneur, you must keep in mind a few points to ensure that you’re putting your marketing budget on assets that generate quantifiable results. 

  • Custom-made: Don’t settle for generic and cheap signs that you can purchase on Amazon or similar stores. Spend your money wisely on custom bathroom signs that suit your available space, effectively communicate with your target audience, complement your interior design, and apply your branding requirements. In doing so, you’re producing a unique customer experience that positively influences your consumers’ perceived trust, purchase behaviors, and brand preferences.
  • ADA-compliance: The Americans with Disabilities Act strictly mandates the compliance of several regulations for crucial business signs such as emergency exit signs and room identification signs. These assist visually-impaired individuals as they make their way inside establishments. The rules include the usage of non-glaring materials, contrasting background and text color, specific fonts, and more. Having high-quality ADA bathroom signs ensures that all clients can relieve themselves when they need to.
  • Visible and easy to understand: Choose universally understood characters, symbols, or words that most people could quickly decipher. Your signs must also have the perfect font styles, font sizes, colors, words, and placement that make them noticeable and readable even from a certain distance.
  • High-quality and hardwearing: Make sure that your signs are made to last for many years to come and that they exude professionalism. One way to do this is by selecting a reputable sign partner with the knowledge and expertise in manufacturing signs for restrooms made from top-grade materials and technology.

Your Trusted Supplier of Bathroom Signs in Greensboro, NC

The Carolina Signsmith is a premier sign company serving businesses nearby and within Greensboro. We specialize in a wide range of business signs, including bathroom signs for all types of establishments. As industry experts, we understand the importance of having tailor-made signs that specifically cater to your needs and budget, which is why we always go the extra mile in providing a customized process for each of our clients.

Choosing us as your sign partner ensures that you get the most out of your investments. Our Greensboro team will help you select the best bathroom signs and designs that suit your business. Call us today to learn more.



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