A Marketer’s Guide to the Future of Metaverse

Imagine a world without any rules or regulations, without any limits, where people can live, shop, work, play, and interact with others while sitting at home in the physical world. This virtual concept is called ‘Metaverse’. This term didn’t just come out of the blue, it was introduced in October 2021 by the CEO of Facebook, launched with the corporate name ‘Meta’.

The Metaverse is taken into account for being the next phase of the internet. This configures many forms like business meetings, and various online communities, including gaming where people can interact collaboratively through a digital facsimile (also called ‘avatar’) of their own choice.

Understanding the ‘Metaverse’ is quite complicated as it is non-existent and still under development. Since major gaming and IT companies are working on it, there is a countless evolving vocabulary to describe its upcoming iteration.




Written by Ragini Sinha

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