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December 2021, AustraliaMy Generator is a popular caravan, camping and 4×4 appliances provider around Australia. Our company provides an extensive range of caravan appliances at the most competitive prices. My Generator has done their research to ensure we have the best products so you can access clean and drinkable water in your caravan.

Caravan water filters are designed to eliminate unwanted particles, sediments, odours, tastes, and germs from the water you plan commonly for drinking purposes. The sediment filter in the water filter works to prevent contamination, dirt, and Giardia from entering the water, and the carbon filter works to remove unwanted taste or odour in the water and removes chemicals from the water.

Some off-road campers prefer to be assured that when they are not at home, especially when travelling overseas, the water source they use will be safe to drink. Many people experience a difference in the water available at the main tap in the caravan, compared to the domestic ones, so they prefer to remove the chlorine flavour and unwanted particles from it.

My Generator helps you choose the best caravan water filter for your caravan online. There are two types of caravan water filters you can choose from:

  • Permanently Installed Water Filter

This water filter is installed directly under your caravan sink. This filters the water coming out of your water tank before it goes through your tap. This allows you to drink pure and clean water while travelling or camping.

  • Portable Water Filter

A portable caravan water filter combines with your water pipe and filters the water from your pipeline to the caravan/water tank. It helps to remove sediment (such as dirt and sand), heavy metals and, some can even remove some minor unwanted pollutants such as bacteria and germs.

My Generators provides you the widest selection of superior quality of power products, camping & 4×4 gear and caravan appliances all over Australia. Our company aims to offer competitive pricing and offering the highest level of customer satisfaction!

About The Company:

My Generator is Australia’s premium online retailer for portable power products. They provide the largest range of high-quality power products for 3 main market segments: Firstly, they offer market-leading products in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) sector, being appliances for Caravans / Motorhome’s, Camper Trailers, Boats & 4WDs. This RV equipment includes caravan fridges, camping fridges, caravan air-conditioners, and many other products for RV’s. In this segment, they also provide an extensive range of portable power solutions to run RV’s such as batteries, generators and associated 12V accessories. The next main segment is Generators to suit every application and budget – from small camping generators through to large prime power / industrial backup generators, and everything in between, including; inverter generators, worksite portable generators, domestic backup generators, or large stationary diesel generators. Rounding out the offering is premium power equipment products such as pressure washers, water pumps, concreting & compaction equipment, ground care equipment & tools, as well as Off-grid Solar appliances.


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