All About Roses From Past To Present

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If you think of one flower that is rich in history, art, and culture there is only one such flower that can do justice to it, and that is the one and only Rose. Not just red but with all its gorgeous colors, shapes, shades, and types, roses have been popular around the globe. Everyone knows that roses symbolize love, but there is more to it. Roses carry with their legacies of nations, from the ancient Greek era to this modern world the popularity of this flower has withstood for a long time even today Roses are in trend and used for almost all occasions from birthdays to weddings.

Let’s take a look at what makes it so special yet unique- 

Visualizing a Rose

The love for this flower has a lot to do with its shape. When we think of a flower we usually imagine something with a round center and curved petals all around. But Roses, on the other hand, are unique when you see roses anywhere around you even in a flower shop near Brentwood NY they will always draw your attention. Why? Roses are extremely charming and they are unconventional. With petals one over the other in a cup-like formation creates an interesting pattern when viewed from up top.

You will find Roses are different shapes and sizes but they will hold a similarity which is the way the petals are nested into each other. Commonly found Roses are Garden roses, Spray roses, and  Damask roses. Coming to the colors, the way we perceive a flower also has to do with its colors. Roses now come in colors like Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple, Green, Orange, and white. 

Roses as Seen in History

Something becomes great only after being recognized in history, and when it comes to the history of Roses it’s been a long journey. From being a symbol of mythology to religion, politics to fine art. Roses have been everywhere. 

To begin with Greek mythology, Roses symbolize love and the loss of a loved one. Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty was grief-stricken at the loss of her love Adonis and upon his death she created a Rose from his blood as a symbol of their love. There are more mythological stories where love is represented with a rose. 

In Christianity, the Rose is a symbol of the Rosary which is associated with the Virgin Mary. Red and White roses especially are very important as they symbolize purity and innocence. In other world religions as well like in Islam Rose is said to be a kind of flower that came from heaven. Roses are popularly used at various religious institutions to beautify and surround them with aromas. 

Symbolism of Roses

Culturally speaking Roses have been associated with various meanings apart from love and passion. A great thing about rose is that it is easy to find all around the world and you can always bring all this cultural and historical importance home with these flowers with west islip flower delivery.  Getting flowers may seem like a kind and loving gesture but once you come to know the deep symbolism, how you see this flower will completely change.  

A pink Rose symbolizes grace, femininity, adoration, and beauty. A yellow rose represents friendship and joy. A white one symbolizes innocence, purity, and chastity. Lastly, orange roses symbolize confidence, passion, and warmth. 

You can create a bouquet of roses or get them online with Towers Flowers in west islip. Bringing them to hope this time around will be a different experience altogether. Rose is not just a flower, it is a legacy that carries the weight of history, religion, politics, and culture. There is more to roses than just love and romance. 



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