Are Home Inspections Really Necessary?

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Should Florida Home Buyers get inspections?


Whether you are familiar with Florida homes or not, it is important to have a through house inspection as part of your buying process.  It is important to know all the homes benefits and potential repairs that may be needed when you get ready to make that huge investment of buying your home.  Let’s face it… no one likes surprises, so a thorough house inspection will assist you in that process.

It is never recommended to skip house inspections on a home.

House Inspections are very common and for sure important. The Florida “FAR/BAR” contract and even the FAR/BAR  “AS-IS” contract allows for a house inspection contingency.  This means you as a home buyer have the right to do home inspections and maybe even back out of the contract if you are not satisfied with the inspection results.

However, there are exceptions to this rule.  Auction properties or specific bank-owned properties may not offer a contract contingency on a home inspection. Almost all new construction properties do not offer a contract contingency on home inspection.  Unlike the auction/bank-owned property,  new home builders will fix repairs that are found in the inspection report.

It is important that a home buyer understands the house inspection option in their specific contract.  An Exclusive Buyers Agent will explain all those details.

Check out these two stories of real life examples of folks that SKIPPED the home inspection!



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