Barber Chairs – Tips to Choose Perfect Barber Chair for a Salon

With the availability of arrays of barber chairs, buyers find ease in finding both new and innovative and second hand or antique barber chairs that are absolute amalgamation of comfort and precision for the barber.

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If looking for running a salon that offers both Barber Shop Chair and salon styling services, make sure the salon has the right professional barber chairs. Whether looking for the best barber chairs or styling chairs, there are a variety of salon chairs available in various types to best satisfy your needs. The best barber chairs are mesmerizingly designed to provide more utmost comfort and proper care and upkeep ensure longevity. On buying barber chair, just ensure it’s made up of durable material and are built to last a lifetime.

Tips to Choose Perfect Barber Chair for a Salon 

When choosing a barber chair, it’s essential to consider certain factors discussed below:


Barber chair varies in sizes but a normal Barber Chair can reach up to 180 centimeters when used in a salon for work. So, when purchasing this type of furniture, just consider your chair size and as well as available space in the barbershop.

Hydraulic Lever 

It is basically needed for the barber’s convenience.Hydraulic lever on the side of the seat is the best way to modify the backrest angle of your salon chair. In latest salon chairs, there are two levers each side which can be well adjusted to ensure the comfortability of your clients. The average chair seat height is 50–60 cm above the floor. The capacity to raise a barber chair to 18 – 20 cm is crucial. This easily modify the backrest angle. Such chairs enable your clients to select the best angle to work more efficiently.

Seating depth

The depth seat gives your client and the barber a very comfortable seating experience. The innovative barber chairs seats are easily adjustable.

Adjustable Headrest 

The best barber chair that come with adjustable headrest is high in demand today by most of the salon owners. The best thing about it is that it best assists a barber in giving it an optimal position to perform tasks like shave, trim or style a customer.

Footrest Panels 

Generally, a footrest panel is made of steel to withstand any human body weight or a cushion which give your barber chair a touch of luxury and relaxation.


Always prefer to choose barber chairs made up of stainless steel and comprise robust body, comfortable seats and unique look to appeal your customers in the first glance.

Considering these valuable points while purchasing barber chairs can definitely help you get a best chair which in turn make your clients return to your salon again and again.

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