Basement Waterproofing Toronto


Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Are you tired of that musty and damp smell in your house? Do you have a flood in your basement every time it rains? We’ll solve all your problems once and for all with Basement Waterproofing Toronto!

So don’t mop it, stop this! Our specialists provide absolute Waterproofing Repairs for your foundation. We fight your specific problems concerning your house.

We magically turn wet houses into dry, comfortable spaces. Hire today for Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Why Contact us:  416-857-3930, 3395 Cliff Rd. Uniit 121, Mississauga, ON L5A 3M7

We provide technology service for Trenchless Water Line ReplacementBasement Waterproofing, Unclogging Drains, etc. in GTA including Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, North York and Thorn Hill. 

Pipe Bursting Method/ Water Line Upgrade Toronto

It is a technique for Replacement old Water or Drain pipes or Water Line Upgrade Toronto. The name of the method explains the technique quite clearly like main water line replacement Toronto. The existing pipe is burst so it is time to Upgrade Water Line Toronto. After that it gives a place for a new one to be installed. 

Problems You Face with Wet Basement Toronto

Having Wet Basement Toronto is bad not only for the house you live in but for your family as well. Continuous moisture can lead to health disorders like allergic reactions, cancer and even death. So, the house you live in can become unsafe and dangerous. That’s why you need to phone Toronto Plumbing Group today. 

What You Get

If you are looking for the Best Waterproofing Toronto Experts, phone us. You will save time and money. We are the company that offers a lifetime guarantee on our Sump Pumps. What is more, our sub-soil pipe is the largest one, able to keep the basement dry. In fact, our system is so large that you don’t need to look for any costly Battery Backup Sump Pump.

How It’s Done

We dig a ditch around the inner perimeter of the building. Dig up to the bottom of the footing. We purge the walls with Waterproof cement. Then we install Delta Membrane in the walls. The next step is – Perforated Drain Pipe (Weeping Tile) installation. After that we cover it with gravel and original soil.



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