Ductless Laboratory Fume Hoods

Benefits of Chemical Fume Hood?

Chemical fume hoods are found in laboratories, processing plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, and other industries.

Fume hoods are large pieces of equipment that are placed over the heads of the people in order to keep chemicals or other substances contained.

Chemical fume hoods protect employees from harmful fumes produced by the process being done in the lab. It is important to note that not all fume hoods are airtight; many allow an exhaled breath to escape into the process space, providing a greater risk to those using it.

A chemical fume hood can also mean an exhaust system installed near an industrial process. “Capture” systems suck up fumes and chemically-laden particulates at their source before they can spread through a plant or an office building. “The local exhaust system is usually designed for one specific work station or operation within a confined space.

Benefits of using a chemical fume hood:

  • Protection of person from chemical exposure
  • Proper use of chemicals
  • Proper cleaning of the hood and work area
  • Accurate measuring of chemicals and fumes
  • Clean air surrounding the person
  • Lower employee injury
  • Improved health and productivity
  • Safety by reducing the risks of explosionsE:JDMProjectsActive & Pause ProjectActiveLink buildingLaboratoryGloballabsupply.comImg and fires
  • Improvement of overall safety in your workplace.

What chemicals should be used in a fume hood?

We recommend you test your work area and the workplace for contamination prior to using chemicals.

Chemical fume hoods are used to work with or process harmful and dangerous chemicals, including flammable gases.

The chemicals that should be used in a fume hood are determined by the process the chemist or researcher wishes to perform, along with the safety regulations of the particular area.

The list of chemicals that are required to be used in a chemical fume hood includes those which are potentially toxic, as well as those corrosives or combustible.

Different kinds of chemical fume hoods are needed for different workspaces. The two basic kinds are general purpose and laboratory.


The chemical fume hood plays an important role since it protects personnel from harmful fumes.

Mostly, the fume hood helps to increase the safety of the process. The hood also has the ability to improve the overall productivity and health of the employee working the fume hood.

Safety of the process:

A chemical fume hood has the benefit of reducing the hazard of exposure to chemicals to its employees that work in the fume hood area.

They are found in various companies, industries, and other businesses such as universities.

 Proper use is required and the work is done to protect the environment from hazardous materials while handling them to avoid chemical leakages.


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