Benefits of New Car Paint Protection Film

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Auto Detailing Experts in Christchurch

What is car paint protection and how does it work?

Car paint protection is provided through a paint protection film, also known as a clear film, which acts as a protective shield to preserve the car paint. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thick, clear thermoplastic urethane film used to protect your car’s original paint job from scratches, stones, and contaminants.

Sheet can be applied to your entire vehicle; However, it is mainly applied on painted surfaces, headlights and mirrors. PPF sheet does not affect light intensity or clear vision provided by mirrors.

Benefits of New Car Paint Protection Film

1. Keeps your vehicle looking new and shiny

These films provide a permanent protective layer over your car paint, helping it keep it looking new and shiny for much longer. Paint protection prevents paint fading and gives you a polished glossy look every time.

2. Retain the resale value of your car

Used car buyers place great emphasis on the appearance of the vehicle. Even if your car runs smoothly, a poor appearance can significantly lower its resale value. Paint protection is important as it protects your exterior from environmental and surface damage.

3. Facilitates car cleaning

The PPF sheet repels dust, so the exterior of your car will not have a problem of dust accumulation. This makes the cleaning job so much easier because you can often just use a soft cloth to clean instead of using water each time.

4. Repels environmental damage

The sun’s harmful UV rays can damage the paintwork and make your car look old too soon. Paint protection not only prevents your paint from UV rays, but also from scratches, rust, nicks, burns, etc

5. Provides protection against scratches and chemicals

Scratches collect moisture, which eventually leads to rust. Similarly, chemicals in harsh cleaners and environmental elements lead to discoloration. PPF sheets protect this damage by acting as a chemical barrier to the exterior.

6. Invisible protection for your car

The best thing about PPF is that it is completely invisible; No one would notice. Paint protection will enhance the look of your car and maintain its glossy finish.

7. Save money on repairs

Prevention is the best practice when it comes to keeping your car looking new. PPF sheets help protect the exterior so you don’t have to spend money frequently on damage repair.

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