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5 February, USA:Classic Movies Etc.has a collection ofclassic kung-fu movies which you can enjoy with your friends and your family if they are action lover. Martial art is a part of Hollywood movies which most of the peoplewant to watch especially teenagers.

Classic Movies Etc has an extensive collection of classic kung fu movieswhich you would like to watch in your spare times.You can add an international flavor to the kung fu movies by choosing a character who knows martial arts. This will make your kung fu movies watching very interesting. Classic Movies Etc can help you with these collections as they have awonderful collection of kung fu movies suitable to you and your friends.

Classic Movies Etchave formulated a collection of handpicked rare martial arts movies straight from the old archives of Hollywood that you would like to re-watch again with your family and friends. All of these martial arts movies were very popular back then. They have rocked the box-office back then. The new concepts of martial arts and the way of creating action-packed scenes captivated the viewers back then.

They have kung fu movies like American Shaolin (a.k.a King of the Kickboxers 2) Dvd, Angel of Fury a.k.a. “Lady Dragon 2”, Back in Action Billy Blanks Dvd, Blood Warriors, Bounty Tracker, Honor and Glory, Fast Getaway, Hidden Tiger(a.k.a Balance of Power) Billy Blanks and many more. These movie are epic and can take you back in old days with their scenes, story and action.

If you want to watch these vintage classic movies that are the crown jewels of Hollywood, you can get the DVDs of the movies you like by visiting the website and choosing your favorite films. You can contact them by email at [email protected] or fill the contact form on the website if you have any queries. You can also call (773)234-9673 to get connected.

About the Company:

Classic Movies the ultimate destination to find rare and vintage classic movies on DVD. The best movie manufactured on Demand Service(MMOD) bridges the gap between the requirements of serious movie buffs/collectors and the studios. They are operating since 1999, enabling collectors and movie watchers to get hard to find films of various unique genres.

 They supply rare, old, and vintage classic movies throughout the US and internationally. You can relive the nostalgia and get a historical perspective by watching these fantastic movies. You can visit the website to explore its vast collection and order your favorite movie right away.


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