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Best Islamic Children Books for Little Captains

My little girls are very fond of reading, listening to stories and watch documentaries.  Books are the things which I believe are very beneficial and true friend of a person.  They remain to enlighten you when you anywhere everywhere.

Last year while I was preparing for my family Umrah in December holidays, my littlest one started asking; what is Umrah Mom? Why we have to go Saudi Arabia for this? How long it would take etc? I was too busy for the Umrah education of my kids. 

 I switched on a YouTube channel for kids Umrah basics. After getting free from the Umrah preparation, I noticed that YouTube is really unsafe for the innocent selves of my little girlies.

Children’s Religious Education, Our Mandatory Parental Duty

How can I be so ignorant of my inevitable parental duty? I asked myself.  How can I prepare for Umrah without preparing my kids for it.? How would they perform an Islamic ritual without knowing Islam itself?

We are letting our kids trapped in the rat race of this fleeting world. We want them to get good grades, top scores, so want them to become doctors or engineers.

What about the life after this life? Are we not responsible to teach them about this ultimate everlasting world? Yes we are.

We must gear ourselves to teach at the very moment when your kids start asking you the questions like “What is Islam? What is Umrah? Why we perform prayers?,etc.

Best Islamic Children Books for Little Captains

So instead of ignoring them, we must start their Islamic enlightening through all the best kid friendly ways.

Books- The Safest Source of Religious Education

The continuous YouTube switching or Internet scrolling is not possible all or every time.  In this situation, a book becomes your best friend. It is ever-present to enlighten you whenever you want. You can read it again and again to avoid difficulties or confusions.

Books save the parents from the continuous monitoring of internet content with their kids. They can easily leave their kids with kid friendly colorful books.

Instead of relying on unsafe Internet content, I bought some good Islamic books for my girl kids.

Therefore I strongly suggest to all the busy moms to bring a good collection of Islamic books for your little ones. Never do neglect your kids’ religious education. You would be questioned by your Almighty Creator.

There are loads of Islamic books readily available in the market. Here are some of my favorites. So you may pick any of them

Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets

Written by Zainab Mian, this book is a kid’s delight with vibrantly illustrated stories of the Prophets, from Adam to Muhammad ( SAW). These stories are very easy and told in engaging, kid friendly way.

After these well-arranged stories, there is an appreciable question-answer session between two lovable animated characters Migo and Ali. Migo is a cutie bear and Ali is his kid friend.  Ali asks Migo those basic Islamic questions that are in your child’s innocent mind

It is a treat for small Muslim children

How Much Does Allah Love Me

My girls really learnt from the spiritual quest of little Maymunah.  This whole book revolves around this little girl’s character.  She heads on her Divine mental journey to get to know about Allah ( SWT).

In the first series of this book, Maymunah sets out with her mother’s help to know how much Allah loves her. This book is really close to my heart as it is written by Californian woman writer HebaSubeh-Haider, who is the proud mother of three little girls.

Yan’s Hajj

This book is a delightful gift of FawziaJillani for our little Muslim children.  Your brilliant kid would absorb the virtues hard work, kindness, compassion and generosity for his entire future life.

Besides this spiritual perks, your kid would also learn about the significance of mandatory Islamic ritual Hajj.

30 Hadiths for Kids

This Muslim children gift book is written by Migo and Ali writer ZainabMian. This book is an unique collection of 30 Ahadiths (sayings of the Holy Prophet ( SAW) with an easy and kid friendly explanation.

This book teaches the growing Muslim children how to use the Holy Prophet (SAW)’s wisdom in their daily lives. In this kids inspiring book, Zainab has wittily incorporated Kids friendly themes, subjects or emotions that are apt for today’s kids.

If your little one turns 6, you can tell him/her to read it. This book is actually meant for 5 + captains.

The Story of the Elephant: Surah Al-Feel

Your kid would definitely absorb the thought provoking lesson of remarkable Surah, Surah Al-Feel after reading this gem kid book. This book is superbly written by HajeraMemon.

This book is a unique idea, and kid book of the truthful Story of Elephant, mentioned in chapter 105 of the glorious Holy Quran.

I have added this book in my cart.


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