Best Luxury Boutique Hotel Rooms With Private Pool & Jacuzzi In Malta

Lulu Boutique Hotel
Lulu Boutique Hotel

The seven island nation Malta, lying in the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the European continent’s most-loved holiday destinations. The world’s tenth smallest country with tourists at least three times more than residents, Malta is a sight to behold with stunning and picturesque landscapes. The capital city, Valletta, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not just that, Malta is also home to two other World Heritage sites and about seven megalithic temples. Its natural beauty makes it an immensely popular backdrop for movies, Insta photo shoots, etc.

With Malta becoming a global tourist hotspot, it is no surprise that it is home to world-class luxury boutique hotels with private pools and jacuzzis. An experiential trip awaits all those who love to rejuvenate during their vacations, surrounded by plush comfort and opulence. The concept of private plunge pools, intimate swim-up pools in the rooms, hot tubs, and jacuzzi makes it even more exciting and adventurous.

We will list three top boutique hotels in Malta that have gained popularity for their eloquent services, creme le creme amenities, and top-notch hospitality. Boutique hotels are small but contemporarily made, blending elements for a stylized stay. In most cases, each room at such hotels is exclusively-designed to offer unique stay experiences to guests.

The top three boutique hotels in Malta having rooms with a private jacuzzi.

1. Lulu Malta: 

Located in Żebbuġ, this is one of the finest boutique hotels in Malta. While the village’s old-world charm gives a very inviting and cozy feel, the 300-year-old Maltese mansion has been gorgeously done up into a boutique hotel that takes your vacation to another level. The property has eight luxury suites embellished in the traditional village decor, look and feel. The key highlight is the three rooms with a private jacuzzi and pool. Suites number 3 and 7 have their heated jacuzzis. Penthouse number 8 has a private rooftop terrace and own swimming pool. This high-end boutique hotel, owned by Clive and Liudmila, is also known for its delectable gourmet servings. A pet-friendly hotel, Lulu Malta has been the Continent Winner 2021 by the Luxury Hotel Awards. 

Lulu Hotel

2.  Salini Resort: 

This is another top-of-the-line boutique hotel located at St. Paul’s on Salina Bay. Tourists seeking ultimate luxury can book the Penthouse Suite that comes with a private rooftop pool. Besides this, the property also has an indoor pool for other guests. Other indulgences include a bar, a restaurant, a wellness area, and two tennis courts.

3.  Hugo’s Boutique Hotel:

Adults Only: Another interesting boutique hotel with a private pool is the Hugo’s Boutique Hotel. It is located in St. Julians, about 140 meters or a minute walk from St. George’s Beach. The boutique hotel has a combination of rooms and suites with private pools and a jacuzzi. It is a preferred hotel by adults who wish to spend memorably intimate and romantic time with one another.

For your upcoming vacation, plan to book with one of these three luxury boutique hotels in Malta. These hotels offer the perfect getaway from the daily grind where one can relax, rejuvenate and spend soulful time with a loved one.


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