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Best Saudi Cafes to Visit after Corona

Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world is in tightening hold of alarming Coronavirus. The constant chants of lockdowns, social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine have screwed us so badly. We know that all the social and religious gatherings are cancelled. The churches, mosques and temples are closed.  No meetings, no celebrations and no handshakes.  We have to remain confined in our four walled houses for an unknown term.

Like all the religious communities, the Muslim population is also saddened on the long term closure of their holiest sites of Hajj and Umrah located in none other than Saudi Arabia.

 Besides the worshipping Muslim sites, this Islamic heartland is loaded with various magnetic touristy spots that attract millions of globetrotters.

Coronavirus has hunkered down the economy of this oil rich Kingdom really badly. Due to the health threats from Corona, the religious and the State tourism is dead now.

Be Optimistic for the Cheery Saudi Winter

Every dark night is followed by a new and brighter day. So we hope that after these Corona scary summers, you would have a contented winters in Saudi Arabia.  It is strongly recommended to plan your ideal Saudi visit in winters to get a relief from the stressful Corona summers.

Visit the Exquisite Arabian Cafes 

 After the contented fulfillment of your religious ritual, don’t forget to savor your taste buds with the lip-smacking food of the amazing Saudi cafes.  We are dead sure that you wouldn’t resist yourself from the super scrumptious Arabian eateries.

So here we have shortlisted some amazing worth and must go Saudi cafes to have a fab familia visit after the end of this temporary Corona storm.  These are as follows

XoXo Café Roastry

If you are a coffee lover then, this is an unmissable Saudi spot in Madinah.  The café showcases an incredible setting with natural elements and wood to create the perfect “Forest like” scenery.  This place is no less than a chance to soothe your taste buds and feast your eyes with the scenic construction


Just like the different spellings, you would have a different experience taste wise for sure.  This bustling café is located in the hustle and bustle of Riyadh. Its Victorian setting with floral themes is what the most attractive thing about this place. Never forget to taste its specialty lattes. Saudis flock to this food court to devour the scrumptious breakfasts, study hours or even  just to lounge around.

 Art Café

This eye-inspiring café is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It is an ideal spot for the coffee-holics and art lovers. It is the perfect combo of artistic beauty and lip-soothing taste.  It is another Saudi Food spot to amaze your eyes with the alluring artistic décor and feast your taste buds with delicious lattes and dessert dishes

Godiva Café

If you want to fulfill your sweet tooth with the lip soothing Arabian special hot chocolate and desserts then this place is more than a delightful treat. It is also loved for its delicious Belgian chocolate. Here you can also enjoy a delectable variety of other tasty café stuff like Belgian waffle sandwiches, pastries, and bakeries.

This café is also located in Riyadh with different branches.

Capri Café

It is another food gem of ultra-modern Saudi Riyadh. Its building gives you a picturesque feel with brilliant colors and grey undertones. The cherry blossom tree in the construction’s center adds more beauty in the building. Its special coffee is a treat for the crazy coffee lovers.


It is located in the Saudi region of Al Hufuf. Its mouthwatering sweet treats and dessert flat-lay shots are the talk of the town. The tempting presentation of the sweet meal would surely make you go gaga.


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