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Biometric recognition has helped many businesses to protect themselves against scams, smooth their digital onboarding process, and save time from lengthy documentation. It stores the customer’s data securely and increases the company’s revenue. Technological advancement has created convenience not only for the businesses but also for the customers. It builds the customers’ trust as their data is safe and protected against cyber crimes. Biometric recognition is done in seconds, saving the users precious time. This is the best way to improve customer experience.

What is Biometric Identification?

Biometric identification is used to verify the biological characteristics of users. Clients are identified by their unique and specific data. Reference data is first stored in the system’s database and then compared to the data. It is used for determining the actual customers.

Why is Biometric Identification Used?

Cybersecurity predicts that during the coming three years, the cost of cybercrime will rise by 15% annually from $10.5 trillion by 2025. To prevent businesses from these threats, companies have to use biometric authentication systems.

Types of Biometric Recognition System

There are two main types of biometric recognition:

  1. Physiological

  2. Behavioural 

Physiological Scan

Fingerprint, eye scan, DNA, saliva, and face shape are done in this scan.

  1. Fingerprint

Fingerprint scanning is the most widely used scanning process. Users have to put their finger on the scanner, and their finger is scanned. Fingerprint scanning is primarily used in mobile phones.

  1. Facial Detection

Facial detection is used to check the liveliness of the user. The customer has to face the camera; it will record them and match the previous record. But the problem with this type of scanning is scammers are using 3D masks and deep fakes to bypass the camera.

  1. Eye Scanning

In eye scanning, iris or retina scanning is done, and the complex structure of the eye’s blood vessels is recorded and matched with the previous eye structure.

  1. DNA Scanning

DNA scanning is mainly done to arrest criminals; an individual’s DNA is matched against the saved DNA.

Behavioral Scan

The behavioral scanning verifies the voice, signature, walking style, and gestures.

  1. Voice Scanning

A person’s voice is recorded and then matched with the vote in the database; the pattern of a person’s vocal cords is scanned. This type of scanning does not work correctly if a person’s voice is unclear due to illness or sore throat.

  1. Walking Style and Gestures

A person’s walking style and gestures are monitored; this type of scanning is rare.

In Which Industry Biometric Authentication System Is Used?

Biometric recognition systems can be used in every industry. Here, we will discuss some major industries in which biometric user authentication systems play their role.

Law Enforcement

Biometric user authentication has proved very helpful in public security and law agencies. Fingerprint scanning is the most commonly used in law enforcement. In the past, fingerprint impressions were matched against individuals’ appearances.


Biometric identity has made hospital tasks easy. Healthcare can onboard its customers smoothly. Better health facilities can be provided when their medical history is wholly known with just a click.

Voter Registration

Voter registration can be done through it; customers must log in to the account and register their vote here. They do not have to stand in long queues and wait for their turn; they can simply register their account with one click.

Real Estate

In the past, real estate required a long process because many verifications were done to verify the customer. Many scams are done in property dealing. Therefore, the customer risk rate is carefully checked. Through the biometric security system, businesses can check the risk rate of customers, and their complete information can also be recorded.

What is Multimodal Biometrics?

Scammers are very advanced; they even bypass some biometric IDs. Therefore, multimodal biometrics is used in which several biometric steps are involved. These steps increase the security of the system. Fingerprint, iris, retina, DNA, and face recognition are done in it. latest tech trends are evolving day by day and multimodal biometrics are one of them.


Biometric security systems have proved beneficial for businesses because they are unique, and it is challenging to decode such systems. These patterns are permanent and measurable, allowing for future comparison. These systems are very costly; some businesses need help to afford them. Cost-free solutions are also present in the market that offer almost similar solutions. Companies can reduce their customer risk and fraudulent cases by using such solutions.



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