Bladderwrack Health Benefits Mitigating Iodine Deficiency

For people facing iodine deficiency problems especially thyroid issues and many other endocrine systems-related complaint Bladderwrack health benefits will be good news.

As we know, Bladderwrack is a sea vegetable carrying the highest level of naturally occurring iodine. It is not uncommon the name “Bladderwrack” breeds some confusion.

The bladders on the body of the seaweed keep it afloat. Hence that name. Seaweed jelly is another product in good demand for a slew of medicinal properties.

Bladderwrack algae fund widely on the northern coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in the US and Canada are a sought-after remedy for many stomach-related conditions.

Many herbalists advise Bladderwrack to patients to sustain a healthy endocrine system and keep thyroid gland functioning in good condition thanks to its natural Iodine.

The Bladderwrack healthcare benefits are not limited to just solving the iodine deficiency. It cures many other stomach ailments as well including acidity, bowel hardness, and constipation, as per new research.

In Bladderwrack iodine manifests as Di-iodotyrosine (DIT) as a precursor to thyroid hormones such as T4 (Thyroxine) and T3 (Iri-iodothyronine). Bladderwrack also houses reasonable amount of fiber, minerals, phytochemicals and vitamins.

Skincare benefits of seaweed jelly

As for Seaweed jelly it is a colloidal extract of algae with supreme health benefits. On the one hand it is a good gelling agent used in many foods and is good for skin care.

For example, Eucheuma seaweed has huge collagen content and the calcium-presence is 30 times more than fish liver. Better collagen volumes will ensure wrinkles-free skin with a youthful looks.

Seaweed’s calcium content is more than Broccoli and the proteins too exceed those in legumes. Other nutrients in Seaweed are vitamin B-12 and vitamin A.

Some dieticians affirm that even a miniscule gram of seaweed can supply the daily requirement of iodine and other minerals for stable thyroid function. Kombu, brown seaweed is famous for the pigment Fucoxanthin that metabolizes fats for energy production.

Bladderwrack eases constipation

Again, Fucoidan in Bladderwrack existing as sulfated polysaccharides offer a healthy inflammatory response and boosts the immune system.

Bladderwrack is also effective for curing constipation because of Alginic acid, a dietary fiber. It also relieves diarrhea and makes bowel motions regular.

The cure for GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is also another best point about Bladderwrack. The former is caused by acid reflux that hurts the lining of the esophagus causing heartburn.

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