Boost Your eCommerce Sales With 360 Product Video

What do people see when they go to your website? Is it merely a collection of text and images? You’d want an engaging display that makes them feel as though they’re physically in your store.

And what better way to do so than have a product and showcase it with a 360-degree spin!

Although video marketing is not a new concept, eCommerce photoshoot in Delhi applies its creative touches and uses it for marketing your products tastefully. 

Video marketing is a highly effective approach for increasing income, and 81 percent of firms employ it, so you must add something to it to stay one step ahead of the competition.

So how to grab your customer’s attention?

Your e-commerce store gives you the advantage of allowing you to use technology in any way you want. Product videography services in Delhi NCR are an excellent option to provide your customers with an outstanding online experience that will entice them to return.

Users want something more lively, rapid, and attention-grabbing than pictures, which might not drive them to buy your product.

However, longer videos can be time-consuming and do not attract people’s attention unless they are particularly looking for it.

360° spin product videos are ideal for this. They rapidly draw the user’s attention to your product and pique their interest in learning more about it.

According to Google Trends, interest in 360-degree product displays peaked more than 15 years ago. Back then (and now), the goal was to duplicate the physical store experience, where shoppers could view and handle products.

It’s crucial to continuously look for new ways to promote your goods as a basic rule of thumb in marketing. To ensure that your item sells, you must try fresh concepts daily. You can start with making engaging 360° films instead of long blog articles and intricate graphics, and you’ll eventually receive the traffic you’ve been hoping for.

Various businesses can benefit from this one-of-a-kind style of product videography services in Delhi NCR. When businesses make a visible effort to plan for the future, customers notice and become committed.

Why are 360 videos beneficial?

The overwhelming majority of people are cognitively dependent, which means that their eyes and what they see play the most crucial role in their reasoning and decision-making.

It is something that the most popular eCommerce businesses are aware of and respond to. According to WooCommerce, visual correctness can cut returns by roughly 50%, sparing both you and your clients’ money and effort.

The 360 product video by MMBO studio allows customers to see the product up close and personal from each angle, almost as if they were in the store inspecting it and handling it.

Customers come with a plethora of concerns and queries about online shopping in this digital age. 360 product videos display and address almost every doubt customers could have about that product and are simple and cost-effective. 

Tips to remember for a 360 product videography

Understanding new technology is important, especially if you’re looking to invest in it. You must know how it can influence your consumers’ purchase decisions and increase your revenue sales. There’s no exception when it comes to 360 videos for a new product page design or improved shopping cart functionality.

Here are five suggestions for creating 360 videos that provide clients with the experience they seek while also increasing sales:

  1. Make a well-thought-out strategy

 You can make basic cuts and fixes in post-production with traditional video shoots. You don’t have the same option to remedy mistakes committed during the shoot when producing a 360 video. As a result, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time, more than you would for a regular shoot. Take the time to create a thorough strategy with product videography services in Delhi NCR that consider every aspect of your shoot. Then, practice and prepare again to minimize the flaws.

  1. Find the ideal location for your camera

Your viewer’s point of view will be determined by where you set your 360-camera, so make sure it’s in the right spot. Place your camera at the same eye level as your audience in real life if you want your viewer to be a participant (rather than a spectator) in your film.

  1. Hide or obscure lighting fixtures

Lighting aspects are easy to hide in a typical video — practically any location that isn’t in the field of view of your camera. Unless you find a means to hide or mask those lighting aspects in a 360 film, they will be visible. Lighting could, for example, be disguised by the product videography services in Delhi NCR with decorative pieces.

  1. Assume that every aspect of the set design will get scrutinized

No matter how carefully you guide the viewer’s focus to where you want it to be, other items on your set can distract specific viewers. Make sure that the viewers’ interest is retained with visually appealing product angles no matter where they are looking. If you’re filming indoors, stay away from complicated patterns like wallpaper, tiles, carpets, and wall art, as they will make stitching your movie together in post-production more difficult.

  1. Take it easy

There would be instances when you question your final choice, especially if this is your first venture into 360 videos, which can result in stress and lower the quality of your final product. Remember that 360 video is an uncharted area for almost everyone, which means that everyone will make mistakes. Customers are foreign to a 360 product video display and may overlook certain errors and flaws. But that does not mean you should take the process lightly.

However, there’s one fool-proof method to avoid any mistakes at all! And that’s hiring professional product videography services in Delhi NCR! MMBO studio offers high-tech equipment shoots to make this process smooth as butter for you.

Create high-quality product page videos with MMBO studio

By enhancing your eCommerce website with a 360 product viewer and short videos, you may significantly improve the performance of your retail sites and you’ll be able to do:

  • Remove any uncertainty from the buying process.

  • You won’t have to rely on standard images and a long text description to enlighten customers about the goods.

However, you must choose the best alternative for supporting you in doing so. 

Most people don’t even read most advertisements, but 360 videos are a straightforward approach to ensure that your product receives the attention it deserves.

As a leading provider of premium eCommerce photoshoots in Delhi,  MMBO studio generates videos that target various platforms. Every feature, from the angle to the design, is determined by the objective. Their product videography services in Delhi NCR are incredibly different and enthralling.

The most crucial feature is that if you have a certain idea or a vision, they can help you put it across.

If you want to create 360° spin product videos, you can always prefer MMBO studio. You can contact 

them to discover more about all 360 product viewers’ capabilities and to get started on a one-of-a-kind solution for your company; check out their website to know more



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