Boosting Air Pressure Control In Underground Mining Ventilation Systems

Physical control of air movement, air volume and direction is key in underground mining. This is because the air is not only essential for survival, but also important for dispersing chemicals and other physical impurities and contaminants.

To ensure physical control of air in underground mines, ventilation systems are needed. Ventilation systems in mines ensure suitable paths through which air flows down the mine to the working areas. It also provides routes through which the air moves out of the mine when it becomes unsuitable for further use. Thus, air control systems in underground mines are absolutely necessary to safeguard the health and safety of underground mining workers.

Ventilation systems in underground mines have two openings; an intake opening through which fresh air moves to where workers are on duty and an outtake opening through which the unsafe air is expelled into the atmosphere.

Ventilation fans are usually installed on intake openings or outtake openings or both either on the surface or underground, in an attempt to ensure adequate production and control of airflow in the entire system. To ensure that air is directed to areas where it is required, ventilation fans are the solution.

HPE Solution for Underground Mining Ventilation Systems

HPE’s mandate over the years has been to provide safe, cost-effective and efficient mining solutions. Their solution for effective air pressure control in underground mining is the HPE Ventilation Fan.

HPE Ventilation Fan

A specially designed ventilation fan that is produced to ensure appropriate control of air flow in underground ventilation systems; It is capacitated to facilitate that air flows under a controlled pressure that does not cause harm to workers and machinery. The very powerful ventilation fan entraps air and directs it to areas where it is expected.

HPE ventilation fan can be mounted on the surface and underground. It can also be mounted at the intake or outtake ventilation channel or both.

Ventilation fan from HPE uses hydropower as the source of energy to power the fan pelton wheel with an added advantage of cooling the air after the water has dissipated into the air stream. 

HPE ventilation solution uses clean energy sources for fueling and preventing extreme temperatures in underground mines by cooling the environment.


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