Builders: Construct a Shed Before The House

Ride For Pride Instagram Story 2
Ride For Pride Instagram Story 2

Builders of New Construction – Build a Shed in the Backyard Before Finishing the House

One of the great things we have a chance to do as designers of sheds, garden sheds, and custom-built garages is the opportunity to build these items before our house is actually billed on a home site. I know it might sound funny but, in newer developments and subdivisions all across the Puget Sound region, builders and developers are hiring Aurora Quality Buildings to design and build a mini cabin, garden shed, or custom-built garage on-site before the house is actually completed.

This is a great opportunity for us to have free reign and clear access to a backyard to design a garden shed or a mini cabin and then once the home is built, those that paint the house can paint the shed at the same time with the same colors.



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