Building Signs: Improve Foot Traffic And Boost Brand Recognition


Chicago’s skyline would not be complete without the iconic signs that adorn the many skyscrapers. The Willis Tower, Trump Tower, innumerable banks and hotels use bold outdoor building signs to announce their presence (and outdo each other, of course). A study by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America in 2019 found that 90% of travelers to new cities in the U.S. pay attention to outdoor signs.

Custom building signs are integral to the business’s identity, projecting the branding broadly and acting as wayfinders. Keep reading to find out how exterior signage such as channel letters, monument signs, and vinyl banners can improve brand awareness and increase foot traffic.

Custom Building Signs Raise Trust

Buildings without signs don’t inspire the same level of trust in the business. And people will form an unfavorable opinion of a building – by extension of the business too – if it doesn’t have signage. Custom signs are a sign of intent and ambition to be in the market for years.

Don’t Get Lost in the Office Park

Businesses located in business parks are always at risk of disappearing into the background. After all, most buildings look the same. Outdoor building signs identify the location clearly and act as address signs, making it easier for visitors to identify.

Refresh the Exterior

A swanky glass and steel tower is inherently well-received, but older commercial buildings in Chicago can look out-of-date. Visitors will prejudge the business based on the building. Modern signage goes a long way to correct the impression.

Since signs are customized for any traditional or modern aesthetic, you can design signs that suit your building.

Customer Facing Businesses

If yours is a customer-facing business, a prominent building sign is essential branding and wayfinding signage. GPS and Google Maps can get customers to the parking lot, but how do they identify your premises? Easy identification will mean a less frustrating experience and a lower chance of losing a qualified lead.

Useful Even for Small Businesses

It is a misconception that building signage is reserved for only large office buildings. Even smaller stores and restaurants with their own dedicated building space need attractive signs to drive foot traffic.

Signs are an extension of the brand and go a long way to building top of mind recall. Recall value translates into greater amounts of business, particularly for hospitality businesses.

What type of business building signs should you get?

At Chicago Sign Company, we work with businesses across Chicago for their building signs. We build and install channel letters, raceway boards, and monument signs. We even create large, standalone designs for creative art projects for the lobby. The type of sign that works best for you depends on installing the sign and how much space is available.

Speak to a representative to schedule a visit to find the best options for your business.



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