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Since its release in 2013, Path of Exile has been loved by the majority of MMOARPG players. Its biggest opponent has always been Diablo, because Diablo is recognized as the best MMOARPG and Path of Exile can only be the second, so Path of Exile has always wanted to surpass Diablo to become the industry leader.

Regardless of the fact that Path of Exile is now very beautiful, at the beginning of its release, it was a game that claimed to be a Diablo series style game, although Path of Exile does not recognize it now.

Although Diablo is firmly seated as the leader in the industry, the threat from Path of Exile cannot be underestimated. There are a lot of Diablo players who like some of the gameplay of Path of Exile, and hope that Blizzard will add these gameplays to upcoming Diablo IV.

According to Diablo IV Open Beta, when you need to reassign a class, it may cost a lot of Diablo 4 Gold, which makes players very worried because then when they want to experience other different class, they can only start over with one class, which will cost a lot time. Fortunately, Blizzard said that reassigning class will not cost a lot of D4 Gold, which reassures many players. You can buy Diablo 4 gold at

With the arrival of Path of Exile 3.21 upadte, there will be more powerful bosses and dungeons, you need to prepare first. At this time, it is necessary for every player to buy POE Currency. And, the best POE 3.21 Currency store is Act now if you are interested in it.



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