Buyers Need to be More Prepared in 2019

How to care for upholstery after a professional cleaning 1
How to care for upholstery after a professional cleaning 1

If you’re planning on buying a house this year, make sure you’ve done your homework and are prepared. I’m not talking just about a pre-approval letter, although that’s important, be prepared for the negotiations and back and forth.

This is an odd market and I’m really seeing a shift from one city to another. Some are hotter than others and it’s important to have an agent that not only knows these micro-markets but can negotiate with the sellers. 

Some sellers are delusional and still think we are in a hot real estate market, but while prices have gone up, the demand has slowed. Sellers no longer think they have the upper hand and this puts the power in the buyer’s hand but it also means buyers need to be aware of the situation and be ready to jump if necessary. 

I spoke with clients the other day that found a house they love BUT their own house was nowhere near ready to sell. They made an offer and the seller agreed to a contingent offer but only if the buyers listed their house in a week. Well, they weren’t ready so they had to scramble to get their home in show-ready position. That took a lot out of them and although they pulled it off, their original deal fell through and they were back to the drawing board. But hey, at least their house was now ready.

So make sure you’re finances are in order but also your house. Even if you’re renting, you’ll want that property read to give back to the landlord or ready to sell when the right home hits the market. 

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