Capexplan Software Presents New User Interface and Additional Features

Boucherville, Quebec February 2020: Capexplan, is a software to manage capital and operational expenditure workflow. It is proud to offer a new 2020 user interface with more features for an intuitive and easy experience.

Capexplan, is a business productivity software that saves one’s time and effort to manage, approve, plan and track capital expenditure. The software modules are helpful to businesses and organizations that can use capital expenditure processes to manage their capital and operational expenses.

Here is the process by which the Capexplan software works.

Initially, Capexplan helps the user allocate capital for their business and setup approval policies. Users can then start generating operational and capital expenditure requests and submit them for approval. Finally, Capexplan reaches out to the users who can approve the request, based on their approval limit.  

Capexplan has made this whole process more easy, efficient and intuitive by introducing a new user interface. It has also added some additional features for the user’s convenience. It has now enabled the users to make their own custom capital expenditure request form. They can now easily add custom field anywhere. If users need to add a special text or numeric field in a page, they can simply name the field, define it, and then position it, wherever required.

Capexplan has also improved the approval flow by adding new options like advanced group creation and insertion. A user now can create groups, add people in them, and then place the group in the approval flow. This flexibility has augmented the approval flow process, thereby enabling the users to operate it with more ease.

Capexplan is committed to streamline the entire capital expenditure process, standardize all requests submitted for approval, track the expenses in a transparent way at every level, comply with the company policies and help you make better Capex and Opex decisions.  

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.

About the Company:

Almiranta Corporation creates business productivity online software for organisations, companies and businesses to augment their workflow. It brings easy to use features and tools resulting in more fluid and efficient operation.

Their software modules are designed to do work related to capital and operational management, and also in the field of real estate lease and space management.

Capexplan is a software by Almiranta Corporation which helps in the management of capital and operational expenditure. It automates the whole capital expenditure management, request, tracking, approval process.

Company Details: –

Company Name: Almiranta Corporation

Contact Person: Guy Crasnier

Designation: VP business development

Contact No.: 1-800-755-6811

Address: 186 de Normandie, suite 101,

Boucherville, Quebec, Canada, J4B 7J1




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