Caravan & Camping Experts Review The Different Types Of Portable Camping Fridges

March 2021, Australia: Caravan RV Camping is a  Australia’s No. 1 company of caravan appliances and equipment. The company is offering Different Types Of Portable Camping Fridges according to your trip.

Caravan RV Camping is Australia’s No. 1 Caravan Appliances, Accessories, and Spare Parts store. That offers a wide range of Caravan products such as caravan fridge, portable fridge, caravan air conditioners, caravan and motorhome heater, Gas products, 4WD & vehicle accessories, flexible panels, and many more.

Caravan RV Camping understand how every trips of yours matters to you, that’s why the company is trying to provide you Type Of Portable Fridge, so you can purchase the fridge according to your need. Portable camping fridges range starts from a super compact 14 litres up to 150 litres. These portable fridges helps you to keep things cool and fresh.

There are two main types of portable camping fridge: Dual zone and combi fridge.

Dual zone models gives you all the flexibility of independently temperature-controlled zones, You can set one as a fridge and the other as a freezer and the other side combi model, has only one temperature control with a divider to split the interior into two sections. Cold air flows from the main compartment into the second to keep the one as a freezer and the second as a fridge.

The company recommends you brands and range such as: Dometic CFX3 range, Evakool TMX range, Evakool TMDZ range, Engel MT-V series to meet the requirement for every trip.

Dometic CFX3 range is specially designed for weekend away, for local sporting events or for a huge family holiday.

Evakool camping fridges offer an assortment of compartments to cover all variances and requirements, including single, dual and tri-zone units.

Evakool’s range of TMX portable fridge freezers has been designed for boating, camping, fishing, 4wdíng or touring.

Engel portable fridges can be as big or small as you need, ranging from 32 Litres up to a massive 80 Litres. This fridge can works like a like a drawer fridge.

Caravan RV Camping offers a comprehensive line of camping and caravan appliances of major brands. Their product quality, services and express delivery is noteworthy. To know more about Caravan RV Camping, browse their website.

About the Company:

Caravan RV Camping is owned and operated on the Gold Coast, Australia. They are a proud Australian company that has grown from a small caravan workshop in the late 1980s to a leading online caravan appliance, accessories and spare parts. They strive to offer the most comprehensive range of various brands including Dometic, Evakool, Camec, Fiamma, Engel, Fusion, Vitrifrigo, Thetford, Carefree, Coast to Coast, John Guest and many more. They offer the widest range of high-quality caravan appliances, accessories, and spare parts for the caravan. Their complete range of caravan accessories like Waeco fridges, camping fridges are their best-selling products.


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