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VLC player apk (latest 3.5.4) is the VLC media player, just like the one we all usually have in our PC, which can be downloaded and installed on Android platforms for absolutely free. This app helps the users to access and play any video and audio in any format through the android device. Users can enjoy unlimited music and video streaming through this app, anytime and anywhere, and everything is absolutely free to use. And this is the reason why this software has been quite popular among Android users over the years. 

There are a lot more details about & so if you want to know everything in detail, then this article will help you know that.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details about this apk such as what are the features of this app, technical information of VLC file, pros and cons of it, steps to use it & a lot more. So just keep reading & check out all the information related to it.

Features of vlc player apk

There are some amazing features of the VLC App which attracts a lot of users towards it. So below is a list of all the benefits that it offers to all the android users-

  1. It allows the users to play videos and audios in all the available formats such as MKV, MOV, FLAC, TS, Wv, AAC, MP4, AVI, Ogg, M2TS and many more just like the classic and original VLC does. 

  1. It allows the users to play videos from local files as well. Example- SD Card or phone storage by detecting the stream line and audio file. 

  1. It provides a library media for all the video and audio files with complete and full search.

  1. It also has amazing features of sub titles, multi track audios, auto rotation, gestures and many more.

And with all these useful benefits and features, vlc player apk is in a continuous development phase. And so it can be said that the VLC app has no such weakness or con. But if there is a thing that you must know as a user is that all the qualities of video or audio that is resulted in the app is the true image and reflection of the original formats that are being transferred to the VLC Player. 

Thus, if you ever face an issue of bad audio while playing a video on this app, then remember that the problem is not in the app but in the original audio file. So if you want to enjoy the stream in a better quality, always choose the HD format which is provided by the app. 

Technical Information of vlc player apk

Some of the technical details of VLC File are as follows-

  1. Developer- Videolabs

  2. Version- 3.5.4 (13050404)

  3. File Size- 34.4 MB

  4. Requirement- Android 2.3 and above

  5. Uploaded on- February 21, 2023 at 1:57 PM GMT + 07

  6. Last Updated- 21 February, 2023

  7. Available on Google Play- Yes, can be installed from Google Play

Now, as you have read above about the technical information of the VLP Player File, below is some detailed information about it which includes pros and cons of this apk. So just scroll down and read further to find out more about it.

Pros and Cons of vlc player apk

When we look at the features of any app, there are usually some functions which impress us and some that don’t. So similarly for this apk, there are some pros and cons of it which are as follows-

  1. Pros-

  • It is always a free app.

  • This app runs on android devices and supports the versions 2.2 and above.

  • It supports almost all the video and audio formats.

  1. Cons-

  • This app requires a lot of storage space on your phone.

  • This app is not capable of changing the original video and audio quality.

How to use the vlc player apk app?

When you have successfully downloaded and installed the VLC Player Apk on your phone, then using its app is as simple as using any other app in your android mobile phone and not too different from its classic one in PC. So the steps to use it are as follows-

  1. Firstly, open the app and choose the videos from the files to play where you have saved them before.

  2. Now, if you wish to add some subtitles in your video, then click on the second icon which is visible on the screen when the video is also playing. 

  1. After this, click on the ‘select subtitle file’ and browse for the subtitle file on your device which needs to be added to the video that is playing.

  1. And this is it. As you do this, you are done doing all the wanted changes in your video.

VLC itself provides subtitles sometimes. So you can check it from the option of ‘subtitles’. You can also manage your own playlist in the app by simply giving a name to the file and by dragging the song that you want to add up and down to the order in which you want it to be played. And so through this dragging option, you can place all the songs in the right order, according to which one should be played first and next. 


Vlc player apk is the VLC media player which most of us have in our Computers. This can be downloaded in the android devices and can be used to access videos and audios in all the formats. Details of its features, pros, cons, technical information and steps to use it are also mentioned above to get a quick insight on it. 

And as you must have read above about all the details about it, it’s your chance now to decide whether it’s worth having or not?. And if you are interested in having this app on your android device, then you can just install it for free on your device!



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