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Antique Indian furniture had its own faults like a fixation with aesthetics that forfeited utility at eras. Though, European connection during imperial times prompted a beneficial influence upon wood craftsmanship, and novel designs more responsive to western experience came to be developed. With an expertise in appealing designs and great quality woodwork, Indian furniture lead worldwide respect.

A great mix of antiques, vintage Indian furniture are some newer items that have recreated from vintage woods to give pulsate energies of the ancient days.

Rustic wood made antique doors include hand carved panels and hardwood construction and have been reclaimed from antique homes or havelis. It is easy to find attractive carvings of chakras and animal tradition make the doors pieces of art and transport a lot of historic value. You may also find original hardware including iron latches, brass door knobs and ornamented handles.

Some of the popular antique vintage furniture that showcase traditional Indian culture are “damchiyas” and “manjoosh”. These antique furniture store textiles or grains and perfect mix of the traditional styles of furniture.

If you love vintage Indian furniture, choose from artistic luxury online. Buy the most exquisite pieces of fine art, collectibles, furniture and home décor from India and across the world. Online stores bring to you a handpicked selection of paintings, drawings, narrow edition prints and graphs, sculptures, traditional art, artefacts, accent furniture, tableware, lighting rugs and many more. Each vintage furniture you buy is sourced from the most reputed and trustworthy galleries, designers and artists so that you could experience that special find.

Buy antique carved doors to give a mesmerizing look to your house. Shop hand-picked collection of unique antique Indian furniture and architecture. With excessive printed Indian furniture, you can easily explore the variety of Indian antiques. Most of antique Indian furniture are from Rajasthan and Gujarat and dates from 1750 to late 20th century. Their collection also reclaimed Indian wooden furniture that are made using reclaimed teak wood and antique carved panels.

Antique carved doors imports old world elements that are copiously found in these architectural artifacts. Even you can customize antique doors for the holistic home or the rustic farmhouse. If you want to give a haveli look to your house, just choose from wide collection of reclaimed antique doors that have been salvaged from Havelis in India. The best thing is that the antique Indian doors are rustic and made from dense wood doors to last long and withstand in several seasons.

Some of the wood carved doors have traditional carvings. For mesmerizing look, you can use headboards or bedroom doors that are designed by creative designers. Large antique doors include Buddha panels and other god and goddess images to add an exotic touch to your home.

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