Choosing The Right Window Graphics For Your Business


“Storefront windows are free advertising space.”That’s a mantra that every main street business owner in Chicago has heard time and time again. But that’s not the whole story. Vinyl graphics are actually far more than just billboards.

Install a graphic, and you’ll notice how much it changes the ambiance inside completely. What’s more, using storefront window graphics as just advertising is a missed opportunity. Just look at storefront windows during Christmas – do they all advertise a sale or a discount? No.

In this article, we look at some questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the vinyl window signs. Not sure what design/messaging will work for your business? Speak to us for some interesting ideas.

Not just toy stores and boutiques: doctor’s offices, insurance agents, and other professionals on the main street rely on carefully planned window graphics.

1. How big is your window?

The larger the window, the bigger the canvas for graphics. Choose a single large graphic or have smaller graphics around the window. When are large graphics too much? Let this be your mantra: no more than 50%. Any more than that, and you risk making your store too dark.

2. What do you want the vinyl window signs to say?

Don’t design general storefront window graphics. Have clear advertising, branding, or information agenda in mind. At their simplest, small decals are used to tell visitors opening hours (informative). Others are used to show off social media handles and business associations (marketing). At the other end are graphics that turn windows into enormous billboards (advertising)!

3. Do you have a storefront window display?

Do you have an empty storefront window or something to humble Macy’s display from last Christmas? Team decals with store displays to take them to a whole new level. Think puffy white clouds (made of decals), or create a Hawaiian setting for mannequins (even if a polar vortex is swirling outside).

4. Do you want natural light entering your store?

Choose from opaque, frosted, and clear custom window films. Films help control the amount of natural light entering from outside. Films can also give windows a classy tint. Vinyl graphics can also be used to create unique shadows – a really interesting, ‘interactive’ element.

5. Do you have a privacy problem?

Salons and service providers, in particular, struggle to give visitors the privacy they need. People in Chicago have a particularly bad habit of staring through the window as they walk past. It can make clients/customers feel like they are sitting in a display case! Use window graphics to give visitors some much-needed privacy.

Get completely customized vinyl window signs in Chicago

For all your customized window decals and graphics, visit Surely Signs. Pick them up or have them delivered to your store. Quality vinyl and adhesives make sure signs stay on flawlessly and peel off without residue. Worried you might not be able to install your sticker without creases? An experienced professional can come over to install your graphics.

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