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26th Nov’2019 Queensland, Australia, Community Involvement Solutions Limited (CIS) is a non-profit organisation based in Brisbane. They aim to impact the experiences and futures of the people by improving job opportunities and increasing job security, mainly for Veterans, Indigenous and Aboriginal people in Australia. 

Unemployment for Veterans in Australia is one of the primary reasons leading to suicides. Aboriginal and Indigenous communities find it challenging to acquire jobs due to inadequate skills and education. Here, Community Involvement Solutions Limited (CIS) has come up with an initiative by providing education and training to solve these problems. Their approach includes providing mentors who can help with Personal Development, Teaching Job-Ready Techniques and Sharing Tips about Work Security, Counselling and Offering Relevant Psychological Support, Social Activities that enable people to connect and vocational courses.

The unemployment issue has affected approximately 715,700 people in Australia. And there is an alarming need to curb the side effects of it. Community Involvement Solutions Limited (CIS) crafts programs that help people in developing talents and become more employable, as it is almost impossible to build a brighter future, without acquiring the right level of education and skills for one’s development and getting them the right job.

Community Involvement Solutions Limited (CIS) offers a national program of scholarships, student support, and post-school opportunities. They help improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital, facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to fulfilling dreams and aspirations. They cater to the emerging need for education and training for Veterans and indigenous groups and gives them a reason to get rid of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Community Involvement Solutions Limited (CIS) targets people who are less fortunate and deserve employment but cannot find the correct path. Also, being a non-profit organisation, one requires funding for these programs. One can be a sponsor or a partner with them and any interested person or organisation can help them by donation of different kinds.

Community Involvement Solutions Limited (CIS) offers career help to the people in need in Australia. So, if you are the one in need, you can visit their website or can call them at 1800962219. And if you wish to donate, discuss with them at

About the Company

Community Involvement Solutions Limited (CIS), located in Brisbane, Australia. They are a non-profit organisation aiming to positively impact experiences, opportunities, and futures for people who can and should have a better life. Their predominant purpose is to curb veteran unemployment and expensive rates of unemployment amongst Aboriginal people in Australia. They offer training, education, and vocational courses training to the mentioned community and raised funds from government help and donations.


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Toll-Free Number – 1300517039


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Community Involvement Solutions is a nonprofit organisation based in Australia. They offer help to the unemployed military veterans, indigenous community and aboriginal people by providing education, training and employment services. They help individuals to get better opportunities and help them transforming their future. Their mission is to target underserved communities, so that they gets an opportunity to succeed. They offer vocational courses and training to the people in need. Also, being a nonprofit organisation, they seek help of any kind and welcome donations.

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