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People Per Hour (PPH) Scam  

West A
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I recently had a bad experience using the popular freelance buy and sell marketplace.

The marketplace is awash with rogue sellers and buyers alike all trying to jostle for innocent people's money.

Unqualified sellers, half-baked rogue sellers purported to demonstrate they have skills to do the tasks they are advertising on PPH.

I have seen cases where these rogue sellers broke my sites and render me helpless to deal with the aftermath.

One very sad case was the one where an Indian guy took my $80 for bulk mail service and he offered to make email template for the email campaign. 

He appeared to be very nice, helpful and friendly to me in the beginning and had cajoled me into giving him a nice review when he had sent a half-baked job with the promise he would complete it the next 2 days.  He had specifically requested the review as it woulf help him to get more jobs on PPH.  I didn't doubt him but it turned out that he abused my trust. 

Then he disappeared into thin air without doing the job.  Next time I heard from him, he was complaining that he was having a difficulty in withdrawing money from his PPH wallet because he was having issue verifying his PPH account.

My findings, he had created multiple bogus accounts on PPH to scam people but unknown to him, that PPH would demand identity documents to prove who he said he was.

I contacted PPH but they were citing noncompliance with their Terms and Conditions and they don't want to refund my money when the money is still with them.  Thereby they are aiding and abetting fraud.  I told them I was going to raise a dispute with PayPal which I used to make the payment.  They threatened they would deactivate my user account if I did.  I learned from quick internet search they have done this to a lot of buyers.  

Anyway, I raised a dispute with PayPal who ruled in my favour and refunded my $80 but guess what, rogue people Per Hour (PPH) deactivated my account true to their threat and with blatant disregard to my rights, uk consumer rights acts, while aiding and abetting fraud.  They themselves by this action are a fraudulent company.

People beware of PPH scams, peopleperhour scams, peopleperhourscammers.