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[Closed] How To Use Conclud Forum?

Desiree O
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Please read the following tips on how to use Conclud Forum

Registration: A User aged 13+ can use this Forum, read and contribute to posts therein.

They will need to create account on the main site.

Login: Once you are logged in on the main site, you will be automatically logged in to this Forum.

Forgot Password: You can reset your password if you forgot it. Simply click on the forgot password link on the main site.

User Profile: Ordinarily, your  Profile information on the main site is synchronised with your Forum Profile but you can also set Profile information for the Forum.

User Dashboard, badges, awards, bio links, social links: The Forum also provide separate User Dashboard, Bio, Badges and Awards, User Points, Likes, Comments, etc.

Creating Posts: Registered members can create posts, reply to posts.  You will find a Create Topic blue button at the top right of each Forum.

We will provide more information soon.