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Interesting Facts About Birthday

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Birthday Facts:- We all celebrate birthdays, throw parties, enjoy scrumptious meals and spend some quality time with family and friends. However, we always focus on birthday celebration (which is definitely what we should do) and never think about the interesting birthday facts in general. In this article, we will give you some of the most opinionated facts about a birthday that will excite you. So, if you're ready, let us get started!

Interesting Birthday Facts: 1-10:

1. If we keep track of all birthday in a year in the whole world, then in which month would you have a happy birthday? Any ideas? Well, it's August!
2. So what percentage of birthday is celebrated in August in total? 9% of all birthday in the world in a given year!
3. In terms of the number of birthdays celebrated in a month, the other two months around August are July and September.
4. Worldwide, 2 billion + birthday cards are sent every year. Well, this may be quite low given the total number of people living on Earth, but we need to consider the fact that birthday cards are not popular everywhere in the world.
5. Birthday cards are extremely popular in the US though. Why So? Because 58% of all cards purchased in the US are actually birthday cards!
6. If you think you are a spoiled calf and you spend a huge amount of money on your birthday celebration, think again! You cannot complete with the Sultan of Brunei. The party he threw on his 50th birthday was valued at $27.2 million (we're talking US dollars).
7. So, where and how did he spend so much money? Okay, we can't give you a penny-to-penny detail, but yes, he did 3 concerts, all portrayed as Michale Jackson. The three concerts collectively cost her $ 16 million. The rest of the money was spent on other items of the course.
8. Anne Frank's Diary - We have read it or at least heard of it. It is world-famous. Do you know that it was actually his birthday that he got on his 13th birthday?
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