Complete Guide to Find Cross border freight service in Singapore


E-retail sales crossed 4.2 trillion US dollars worldwide in 2020, with 25% more sales Y-O-Y because of the pandemic. However, even the deadly virus could not stop cross-border truck service in Singapore from making its e-commerce market grow from 5.2 to 8.4 billion US from 2019 to 2023. Surveys confirm that the foremost reason for the 2.14 billion people, or 27.2 % of the total population, buying online is free delivery. And it is only the road freight transport; Singapore makes it possible for 78% of Singaporeans to buy overseas products online. If air freight and sea freight services are for fast and large goods, truck freight services are ideal for a 62% market share worldwide.

Continue reading to know the complete guide to find cross-border freight service in Singapore.

What is a cross-border freight service in Singapore?

Singapore, an island city, is well developed with several roads connecting to many countries nearby. Having the highest basket size of each Singaporean spending 91 US dollars online buying overseas products is their first preference. Hence, the need for the cross-border freight service in Singapore has become a flourishing business to cater to 5.6 million Singaporeans e-commerce deliveries. Singapore is also the second most population density globally, with multi-cultured and many countries needing to buy products from many countries online. And with the total e-commerce sales to grow more in the future, road freight transport Singapore is on the rise.

What are the essential aspects to know about cross-border freight service in Singapore?

It is essential to know a few things to find the best cross-border freight service in Singapore to make shipping experiences easy and enjoyable rather than a nightmare. Three vital things to know include.

Documentation is critical

Singapore’s government is stringent in allowing things to come into its country. Hence, only with proper documentation transporting goods to Singapore will be easy or cause many hassles. So, preparing all the documents essential for scrutiny to permit the goods inside and taking them outside of Singapore is one of the critical parts of Singapore’s cross-border freight service.

Know the custom rules 

Cross-border shipping in Singapore involves many taxes, duties, forms, documents, and costs.

Knowing all of it to get through the customs is a Himalayan task for anyone. Hence, hiring a customs broker to deal with all those intricacies is better to quickly and safely into Singapore.

Choose the best road freight transport in Singapore

Knowing the right asset-based carrier or a 3PL needs enough experience and expertise for cross-border freight services in Singapore. Hence, choosing the best road freight transport in Singapore is best to optimize logistics cost-effectively and deliver goods quickly.

Ways to find the best cross border freight service in Singapore

Finding the best cross-border freight service in Singapore is a challenging task. However, since it involves the vital logistics for any company to grow, it gains prominence in this online buying world. Selecting the best road freight service in Singapore will optimize the supply chain for the buyers to get their goods on their doorsteps in time. And any delay will cause irreparable damage to the brand and company for reducing sales and profit. Hence, check out the following ways to find the best cross-border freight service in Singapore.

Check if the freight service partner follows all the stages of cross-border shipping that include

First mile delivery of moving the shipment from the manufacturers’ warehouse to the airport

Getting customs clearance for exporting from the origin country

Transporting the goods by air, sea, or road from the origin country to Singapore

Getting customs clearance at Singapore with proper documentation, paying duties, taxes, and other formalities

Having a vast warehousing facility in Singapore to sort out and imported goods for delivery to the customers’ doorsteps

Check of the freight service can handle all types of cargo using a 3-ton 40-ton truck to bring it from Malaysia, Thailand, and other places

Check if they have dedicated truck services for directly delivering the goods to the customers’ addresses

Check if they offer a versatile and comprehensive range of overland services throughout Southeast Asia countries.

Check if their team members have enough experience synching well with the full-fledged truck fleet to offer superior road freight service in Singapore.

Check if they have a single point contact model for communicating anytime to know the real-time status of the goods transport.

The above facts and ways are a complete guide for finding a cross-border freight service in Singapore to develop businesses to unprecedented levels with an optimized supply chain and cost-effective on-time delivery of goods.


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