Compsource Presents Inbody H20N – Body Composition Analyzing Smart Weight Scale

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ibh20nob 6196

Cleveland, OH January 2020, CompSource, Inc, an online supplier of computer and electronic products, has listed Inbody IBH20NOB Smart Weight Scale to their inventory.

CompSource is the go-to destination for all your electronic and computer products. Founded in 1991, it now sells over 7000 brands of computer hardware, software, and consumer electronic products. CompSource has recently listed Inbody IBH20NOB smart weight scale to their store, which is the perfect equipment for all your health and fitness needs.

Inbody is renowned for its professional medical-grade devices. Inbody products are a perfect way to get your body stats measured in an accurate, consistent and reliable manner. InBody has developed a small, portable, personalized and user-friendly smart weight scale for anyone to use in the comfort of their own home.

Besides weight, Inbody equipment is used for Body Composition Analysis, which breaks down the results in four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water. One can get their body fat and BMI values and track them over time. One can automatically view their results in real-time on their phone and check their progress.

Inbody – Body Composition Analyzer IBH20NOB is the perfect tool for whole-body assessment. The handlebar electrodes are instrumental in providing accurate and consistent full body results. This device incorporates BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) technology which measures body composition so that you can achieve fitness goals and maintain peak health. One can simply enter their height and find out weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle mass in a matter of seconds.

CompSource has Inbody products available in good stock on their website. Customers can perform a customized search to get the product according to specific needs. Search results can be filtered with specific terms such as brands, budget, categories and much more.

Multitudes of electronic devices, digital infrastructure tools, or any other computing products are available on CompSource. You can contact them at 1-800-413-7361.

About the Company:

 Compsource, Inc is a supplier of computers and consumer electronic goods. They started by selling their own brand of computers; they now stock a large number of office products, including computer hardware & software, peripherals, office supplies, furniture, and janitorial goods. CompSource also has a Brother authorized service center. They repair computers, notebooks, printers, tablets, and phones. The company is vested in implementing high-end home theater systems, smart homes, alarm systems, video surveillance, audio distribution, conference rooms, and sound masking systems.


Company Details: –

 Company Name: CompSource, Inc.

Contact Person: Tom Leone

Designation: Marketing Manager

Contact No.: 216-566-7767

Address: 3241 Superior Ave,

Cleveland, OH 44114




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