Dab Pens Best alternative to Vape Pens

Dab pens vs vape pens? Which of the two comes up on top of the other?

Dabs and vapes are both meant for specific people based on their preferences and taste. However, what can make one think of switching to dab pens from vape pens? And which dab pens are the best alternatives to vape pens in this case?

In this article we shall be having a look at the dab pens that are way better than most vape pens out here today. We shall also be answering why one can think of making the switch.

Dab pens vs vape pens

Before looking at why would we want to make the jump to dabs, let’s have a look at these two.

Dab pens  have the same design and functionality as vape pens. The difference? Dabs are for solids while vapes will take liquid concentrates. The dabs use a heating chamber in place of the vape cartridge. Some vapes will come with prefilled cartridges.

Here is why dab pens are better than vape pens

  1. Run away from fake cartridges that some of them turned out laced with vitamin E Acetate
  2. Compared to pre filled carts, you get to dab what you can determine the quality.
  3. The temperature control is greater in dabs and will give a better flavour
  4. High potency associated with dabs over vapes
  5. Dabs are known to give higher potency than their counterparts

Now that you have already understood the logic to put down your vape pen and pick a dab tool, you need to know which are the top dab pens out there today, right?

Top dab pens that beat vape pens

Lests start with our A1 option

Drdabber Aurora

By now you should understand how much deep Drdabber will go just to get the best vaping devices out there. The Aurora is the number one vaping tool provided by the brand. If you have any doubts, prove yourself wrong now.

A good dab pen should be able to beat a vape pen and the Drdabber Aurora does exactly that. You will get three coils with this dab pen out of the box. Two of the coils are made of ceramic while the most popular with dabbing connoisseurs is the top shelf quartz coil.

Three coils give you even heating of your wax. You will get a high hitting draw with a properly smooth flavour that tickles your senses.

The cool and awesome looking design is coupled with a 510 thread functionality making the fab pen even more versatile.

Kandypens galaxy

When it comes to dab pens that can beat vape pens, kandypens rivals the Aurora big time.

The fast charging dab pens come in five different colours, white, black, turquoise, neon purple, and pink. Out of the box, you will get a stainless steel heating chamber and a dual quartz rod atomizer that has titanium coil wraps.

One key feature of the Kandypens galaxy is the large mouthpiece. You may be asking why you need a large mouthpiece. Well, a large diameter makes it easy to get out those large and thick draws.

You will get a customizable temperature with three options to choose from with just a click of a button. You get 350°F, 390°F and 430°F that show up on the LED bulb as light red, green and blue in that order.

Linx Hypnos

Coming in as the third dab pen alternative to vape pens is the Linx Hypnos.

Donning a sleek design, the Linx Hypnos is one of the most portable 4 inch dab pens. The all stainless steel look and design gives you medical grade draws. As for the temperatures, you have up to four options.  The lowest gives a blue light followed by a green medium low, yellow medium high and finally a red high.

The Linx Hypnos has a ceramic dish and a ceramic rod atomizer. The coils are wrapped in titanium. There is an upgrade of the Linx Hypnos which gives you a smoother daw. You may want to check out the two to decide which one will work for you especially when it comes to the wait time for it to turn off. It actually takes 15 steps holding the power button down.

Your take

There are a number of dab pens with far much superior qualities than most vape pens. However, if you are a wax vaper rather than an oil vaper, you have got no option apart from going for a dab pen. Some wax pens are claimed to function with waxes and oils but dabs will present an upper hand always.


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