Deregistration And Reregistration Process Of Old Cars In Australia

26ht Dec’21, Sydney, Australia: A car registration is most commonly known as the Rego in Australia. Your vehicle’s ‘Rego’ is a document that identifies it. To drive a vehicle in Australia, you must have a valid registration. The deregistration and registration procedures differ in different states. The process depends on the state you live in.

You Might Want To De-Register Your Old Car If:

  • You want to sell a vehicle that isn’t registered.
  • Your vehicle has been damaged or stolen,
  • You’ve registered it for interstate
  • It’s no longer safe to drive.

You may also intend to temporarily cancel your registration and re-register the vehicle within the time frame of 12 months.

Deregistering Your Vehicle

In Other States You Can Fill In The Cancellation Request Online. In NSW To Cancel Your Vehicle Registration, Go To A Service Centre In Person Or Send A Representative And Provide The Following Information:

  • Cancellation of registration and/or completion of number plates
  • evidence of your identity
  • Registration Certificate
  • If the plates have been stolen, provide a police event number
  • a letter from your insurance company (if the vehicle was written off).

Only the primary operator needs to sign the form if there are many people registered as the vehicle’s operator. And if you have moved abroad, you can send a representative with a letter of authorisation. You must return the vehicle’s number plates when you cancel your registration. Keeping number plates after cancelling your vehicle registration is illegal. However, if your number plates have been stolen then you must contact the police assistance who will give you an event number that needs to be given in order to process the vehicle cancellation. You must produce a ‘surrendered number plate’ receipt provided by the interstate authority if you surrender your plates in another jurisdiction. You can reserve your number plate if your registration has expired and it has been less than 3 months from the expiration date. You must place them in reserve and pay the annual reserve fee, as well as any annual number plate payments, at a service centre.

Re-Registering An Old Vehicle:

Only in exceptional circumstances would Transport for NSW consider an application to repair and re-register a written-off light vehicle. It is advisable not to start vehicle repair without authorisation. Vehicles that are irreparable cannot be re-registered. Only applications for the repair and re-registration of written-off light vehicles that fall into one of the following categories will be considered by the Department of Transportation:

  • Hail damage, if you were the registered operator at the time the vehicle was damaged by hail then contact your insurer.
  • Inherited it in a will or letters of administration
  • Before the damage that caused it to be written-off, it had been registered in your name for more than 28 days.

You must then apply for authorisation of repair and only if it is granted you may proceed with the repairs. You’ll need a Certificate of Compliance once the repairs are finished, stating that the vehicle has been fixed as per requirement. A certificate will be given to you if the work was done by a repairer. If you have done the repairs yourself, you will need a licensed repairer to verify your repairs and provide a certificate.

After All Of The Repairs Have Been Done And Certified, There Are Three Processes To Re-Registering The Vehicle:

To undergo an identification and safety check, you’ll need to take the car to an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station.

The car must next be assessed by the Transport for NSW Vehicle Identification Inspection Unit (VIIU) after the AUVIS inspection.

You can arrange an appointment with the VIIU and pay the inspection charge at any service centre. All documentation pertaining to the car repairs must be brought with you. If you’re in Sydney, service centre workers will receive your payment, schedule your VIIU inspection, and return your paperwork. You must provide your documentation for scrutiny at the VIIU.

After this you can apply for re-registration of the vehicle at a service centre by providing all the above-mentioned documents.

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