Digital Recruitment – The Future of Staffing Amidst COVID-19

August 2020, the Netherlands:Pro Selection is a leading recruitment agency based in the Netherlands, specialized in linking employers and professionals who strive to grow in their fields.They are keeping up with the pace using digital recruitments during the pandemic.

Digital Recruitment is turning out to be a boon for companies in the situation of the current global pandemic situation where companies are unable to call people for job interviews and test them. The Digital Recruitment process includes Digital Job Board Advertising, Posting on Career Websites, Mobile Recruiting, Utilizing Online Assessments, Social Recruiting and many more.

The process basically helps select and hire candidates to fill open job roles. With the sudden advent of COVID-19, when every industry suffered drastically, recruitment agencies were able to keep up with the flow of staffing and recruitment with the help of Digital Recruitment.

Digital Recruitments are proven to be much more productive and beneficial staffing process. The reasons are that companies can reach far more remote applicants like international talents. Also, sourcing, selecting, and hiring candidates takes less time and saves resources like physical offices, electricity, etc.

There are many platforms like social media, advertisements, and apps that can help in reaching out to potential candidates. Digital Recruitment has sped up the hiring process and created new opportunities and challenges for job-seekers and HR professionals.

Digital means are changing the face of recruiting and staffing and today’s digital technology affects the recruitment process. Digital Recruitment provides several ways for employers and job-seekers to connect with the help of Online Job Boards, Social Media, Networking, Mobile apps.

Pro Selection is helping companies find the right candidates with the help of digital recruitment process. If you are seeking a job or great companies to hire you and you are stuck in COVID-19 situation, then visit Pro Selection’s website at or call them on +31 70 800 2172.

About the Author:

Pro Selection is a Recruitment agency established to serve the EMEA region. We recruit candidates who speak a diverse set of languages for local and internationally established companies. With the increasing demand for diversity in workplaces, we provide a tailored solution in the specialization of Legal, Human Resources, Information Technology, and the Hospitality Industry. We take pride in our process in locating highly skilled talent for our clients in reasonable timing. Our offices in The Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates serve as our hub for international relations in the EMEA. Our industry-experienced consultants seamlessly engage with the hiring team and candidates, reaching above 95% successful hiring.


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