Divorce and it is Kind


Divorces are the lawful dissolutions of marriages. As per the tradition, the marriage can be dissolved either by the death of one of the persons or through a divorce. The divorce unbound the parties tied in the marriage and the parties are then free to remarry as and when they feel.  The divorce unbound the couple from all obligations and makes them free to live with their wish and will. These Cases are handled by Best divorce Lawyers, Dubai.

The Types of Divorce that are held by Legal Consultants in Dubai:

Fault And No-Fault Divorce-In the traditional Period, the burden of the fault falls on the women. The women are liable to prove the wrongdoing on the part of the other to claim a divorce. Legal Consultants in Dubai guide through all the necessary processes and documentation required. The common reason for these divorces in majority cases is domestic abuse. In this process, the person claiming the divorce has to prove the fault of the other.

Uncontested Divorce- In this kind of divorce both the party file the divorce with the mutual agreement. The paperwork is done with the consent of both parties. The major reason for this litigation includes child custody, property distribution, child support, etc. In such a case the party need not go to the court, in such type of divorce the party mutually agrees and arrive at a settlement. This agreement entered into is submitted to the court and the divorce is processed.

Arbitrate Divorce- In case of divorce that is in process for a long time and has come to no resolution. In such a case either of the party can opt for arbitration to resolve the case. In case of arbitration, the neutral attorney who has no connection with either of the party of the litigation is appointed to take the decision which will be bias-free and the decision so made will be deemed as final just like in case of a trail. Best divorce lawyers Dubai is often appointed as an attorney of arbitration.

Collaborative divorce-  In case of a collaborative divorce, either of the parties does not agree to the terms and conditions of the other parties. An Attorney (third party) is appointed to resolve the case in such a way where all the parties concerned to the divorce are benefited. E.g. In this case, the benefit of the entire family is considered rather than that of the husband and wife.


Divorces are sensitive issues that can lead to a lot of changes in the lives of all the related parties of the divorce. Thus best divorce lawyers Dubai are appointed to gain the best possible outcome for the situation.

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