DLF Midtown: A Safe Haven For Your Family and Mother Earth

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DLF and its vision of sustainable development:

Over the course of the 21st century, the skyline of Delhi has continued to change with high-rise buildings reaching up to the stars and even competing with them in their blinding allure. DLF, the real estate developer has been at the forefront of this accelerated burgeoning of the built environment in the capital. However, the built environment not only accounts for more than 40% of global energy consumption but also for one-third of the earth’s carbon emissions.

At the DLF group, we strive to continuously improve and innovate to develop in a manner that is sustainable for the environment and it is this very goal that is the crux behind the realty’s design and execution of built spaces. The real-estate giant’s CEO delineates the enterprise as a “future-ready” one “that continues to realise operational excellence while creating enduring environmental and social value”, clearly showcasing that Dlf not only provides its residents with splendid living spaces but also ensures that it does so in a manner that is sustainable for the environment.

DLF Midtown: A blueprint for sustainable development

DLF Midtown is a prime exemplification of this vision. Located right in the smack of the teeming neighbourhood of Moti Nagar, this township is encircled by a green belt that covers an area of over 120 acres. The township is built with meticulous attention providing a luxurious experience to its residents while pursuing growth that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

The GRIHA-registered project complies with the Green Building norms,  recognizes its impact on the ecosystem, and demonstrates its commitment to responsible growth in the following manner:

  • The township has adopted a green-energy solution through the installation of solar panels on the terrace of the towers.  This solar energy is used by the solar water heater to provide pre-heated water to the kitchen geyser. By harnessing the power of sunlight, the dependency on non-renewable sources of energy is greatly reduced, thereby making this system ecologically sound.

  • Another manner in which energy consumption is reduced is via the usage of energy-efficient lighting and equipment in the common areas.

  • To help further the national goal of encouraging the use of electric vehicles, e-charging stations are included in the design of the township, making sustainable mobility a real possibility in the near future.

  • At DLF Midtown, Moti Nagar, low VOC paint is used instead of the industry norm of using paint containing high levels of VOC (Volatile organic compound). The usage of the latter results in the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere which can result in higher levels of pollutants, inhalation of which can lead to major respiratory issues.  Low VOC paints contain less than 50 grams per liter of volatile compounds, thereby making them a safer alternative.

  • The township uses double-glazed windows in the condominium. These lead to a reduction in the flow of incoming and outgoing heat, ensuring the usage of less energy to heat up or cool down the residence. These types of windows are also tougher to break than a single-pane window and almost impossible to open from the outside due to the manner in which it is sealed, thereby providing its residents with an increased sense of security.

  • Water Conservation:

    The growing population has led to an acute shortage of potable water, with the report Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) predicting that by 2030 the water demand would be twice as high as the water supply in the country. In the face of this, DLF has employed several measures at its’ Midtown development to conserve water  :

    1. The development has a centralised sewage treatment system which helps in decontaminating the water to make it fit for other uses, such as for irrigation of the vast avenues lined with various native species of plants and trees.

    2. The community also uses a rainwater harvesting system to collect and purify the water to make it fit for usage.

    3. Dual Plumbing: This system allows for the separation of potable and reclaimed water, allowing the latter the water that was once sewage to be treated to remove waste and dangerous bacteria, making it suitable for landscape use.

The real estate development mogul, DLF is the perfect example of luxury living that meets sustainability, with the Midtown development being emblematic of its commitment to a sustainable future. Therefore, an investment in Dlf Midtown, Moti Nagar  does not just give you a canvas to paint a happy future on but also is a promise of a bright and healthy future for our future generations.



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