Do Your Zero Waste Spring Cleaning with Friendly Turtle

Jan 2021, UK: Friendly Turtle is a plastic-free and zero-waste shop in the UK offering Zero Waste Spring Cleaning products to restore cleanliness around your home.

Friendly Turtle is a plastic-free and zero-waste shop in the UK, selling and delivering eco-friendly and sustainable products all over the UK. The products offered by the company are 100% zero waste and environmentally friendly. After the madness of Christmas, it’s that time of year again for spring cleaning! The company offers plastic-free cleaning and laundry options to clear away, organize, and sanitize your homes for the New Year. The company’s plastic-free cleaning products help you reduce your carbon footprint while organizing your home.

Long-established cleaning products are often loaded with chemicals that contribute to pollution and a host of health issues; moreover, they also come in plastic packaging. It’s almost impossible to find any cleaning products in the market that aren’t harmful to the environment – and if you do find such a product, they’re probably relatively expensive. Friendly Turtle offers 100% environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry products for your cleaning routine without breaking the bank. Friendly Turtle provides a wide range of zero waste cleaning and laundry products; some of them mentioned below:

• Glass Trigger Spray Bottle

This multipurpose spray is perfect for cleaning, and it comes with a recyclable plastic trigger spray.

• Floor Cleaner

Friendly Turtle’s floor cleaner is appropriate on all water-resistant hard floors. This floor cleaner quickly lifts dirt, dust, and food splatters from the floor with ease.

• Glass &Mirror Cleaner

This is a perfect product for those seeking a sustainable way of purchasing cleaning chemicals for glass sliding doors, mirrors and glass windows.

Soap Dish

Soaps and shampoo bars are great for reducing waste but can leave soap scum around your sink areas if left out. The specially designed soap dish comes with cork feet to prevent slipping and allows your soap and shampoo bars to dry entirely. The added advantage is an extended product life too.

• Plastic Free Laundry Detergent Strips

These strips are cruelty-free and free from parabens, phosphates, chlorine bleach, and added dyes to make them as safe and non-toxic as possible.

Friendly Turtle always makes sure that customers feel good about their purchases, and their eco-conscious products benefit the environment and individuals in one way or another.Friendly Turtle believes in the introduction of environment-friendly products to daily life. For more info about the products, visit and

About the Company:

Friendly Turtle is a plastic-free and zero-waste shop in the UK, selling and delivering eco-friendly and sustainable products all over the UK.The company works closely with a number of brands that encourages and promotes an environmental message, or that have a range of products that can ultimately benefit earth through their purchase and continued use.


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