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Does Drinking Water Helps Thicken Hair?

Does drinking water help thicken hair? The short answer is a resounding yes! The process by which your hair gets thicker is not a matter of taking in more water, but a matter of the right nutrients that your body needs.

Most people will eat several servings of fresh food every day. Eating food regularly and in the correct proportions helps keep your body in shape and healthy. However, you need to take it a step further. Water is needed too, but it should be filtered and properly treated before it goes down your drain.

The water should be purified in order to remove chemicals and contaminants that can harm the hair and scalp. A clean water filtration system will ensure that your water is purified to the best standard and devoid of harmful chemicals and dirt which can harm your hair. Even chlorinated water which comes from public water supplies can cause damage to your hair, so your better option is to filter it using a system specifically designed for this purpose.

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Avoid bottled mineral water which has no good quality taste. Many bottled brands contain salt, sulphates and chlorine which are dangerous to the hair.

Some people believe that drinking water keeps their skin and hair in great condition, but the problem with this belief is that water itself contains very little minerals. Water can add some essential minerals to your diet, but again the major problem with this belief is that too much water can deplete the skin of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium which are beneficial to healthy hair.

The easiest way to keep your hair healthy is to drink plenty of water every day. Furthermore, you should make sure you get sufficient amounts of the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs each day. In fact, water is more than just a beverage -it is a natural cleanser and purifier and provides your body with essential nutrients that it needs in order to function optimally.

Hair has a delicate coating of healthy cells called the keratin, which is responsible for maintaining your hair’s shiny appearance. Once your hair starts to grow, it uses up more keratin to produce new hairs. This means your hair needs nourishment to supply the remaining nutrients for new hair to grow.

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Water is the only natural remedy that will supply your hair with the nutrients it needs for healthy growth. You can’t afford to lose out on hair beauty and health.


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