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Does Egg Fade Hair Color Work?

Does egg fade hair color work? The answer is a definite yes. This wonderful chemical shade was developed in the early 90’s as a result of a joint research program between the cosmetics companies Coty and Colgate-Palmolive. As a result of their collaboration, many innovations were made that helped men and women alike to achieve beautiful looking hair.

Egg fade color is a combination of two different chemicals that produce a subtle color fade. The first chemical is a non-irritating bleaching agent that breaks down to form a yellow and orange film on the hair shaft. The second chemical, the dye, takes over after the film has fully dried and attaches itself to the hair strand.

Egg dye fades naturally and evenly, so you do not need to use a professional hairstylist to accomplish this feat. On the other hand, the process can be labor intensive, especially if you are working with an extremely thick, greasy, or thick hair color.

You should also keep in mind that once you purchase the product you have to follow all the instructions closely. Only a trained professional stylist can make a correct decision on what to look and color is best for your hair. Otherwise, it may take a few sessions to obtain the desired results.

Egg dye color is not meant for every hair type. The chemical formula is not suitable for all hair types, because the brown to yellow shade is quite thin. For very fine and thin hair you may need to go with a different kind of chemical hair dye. Get the Best Treatment For Deep Wrinkles. Must read

Some of the most common problems that can arise when using this type of dye are redness, loss of luster, and damage to the hair shaft. In severe cases, the hair can even fall out, if not treated properly. This is why it is very important to consult a qualified professional before going through with this process.

To maintain the shades of this type of hair dye, you need to try to avoid any kinds of heat that may cause the egg dye to darken more. Also, you should be careful of the condition of your hair before you start the process. If you already have bleached color in your hair and you decide to apply egg dye, make sure that you thoroughly wash it out beforehand.

Finally, remember that the color fades slowly, so you should not expect the same result after several applications. Using egg dye to bleach hair is also not the best choice for people who suffer from hyper pigmentation or albinism. It is recommended that you use other products to achieve the desired effect.

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