Enhancing Safe Blasting Operations In Underground Mines

Blasting technology is a major method adopted by mining companies over the years for breaking rocks. 

Deep underground mining activities are faced with a problem of high in situ stress. In order to maintain the stability of the surrounding rock of roadway and working face, drilling and blasting technology is needed for pressure relief.

Blasting results in the occurrence of large microseismic events, so that the energy accumulated in the rock mass can be released. This in turn ensures the protection of lives of workers as well as preserving nature and other environmental properties.

Solution For Safe Blasting In Underground Mines

An underground mining blasting solution uses a highly efficient and powerful Explosive Loading Device.

Explosive Loading Device

The Explosive Loading Device from HPE uses the good hole blockage technology to facilitate efficiency in mining explosions. 

Unlike the non-blockage blasting system that poses serious threat to workers as well as the environment, this loading device is powerful and effective explosion device offers miners the following benefits;

  • Limits the early emission of detonation gas from the blast area.

  • Prolongs the action time of detonation gas.

  • Promotes sufficient explosion reaction.

  • Improves the utilisation ratio of explosive blasting.

  • Increases blasting range of fractured rock mass.

  • Improves the effect of blasting in mines.

  • Reduces dust generation as well as other harmful gases.

  • Prevents the spray of hot solid particles and explosion flames.

  • Prevents gas explosions as well as coal dust explosions.

HPE explosive loading device provides sufficient air pressure and flow to enhance effective cleaning and flushing of holes after drilling and to load explosives into them.

The explosive device has an hydro compressor that provides compressed air for either a special anfo loading hopper, an explosive capsule gun or any other device that requires low pressure compressed air.


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