Everything You Need To Know About Open VS Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers:

Everything You Need To Know About Open VS Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers
Everything You Need To Know About Open VS Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers

If you are planning to move your vehicle along with you during relocation for work or travel, auto transport carriers are the way to go. For covering long distances, the best auto shippers implement two different kinds of auto transport carriers for shipping — enclosed and open. If this is your first time, you might be facing some dilemmas regarding which is the better shipping alternative. Both open and enclosed auto transport services have their pros and cons. While certain factors go in favor of enclosed auto transportation options, open auto transport carriers have their own supporting arguments.

The similarity between the two shipping choices is that the vehicles are transported via heavy-duty trucks and trailers. The basic difference lies in the fact that for enclosed auto transport services the trailers are fully covered from all sides, whereas for open auto transport carriers the two-level trailers. The former is ideal for vulnerable and fancy vehicles, like vintage cars or brand-new models. The open auto transport shipping services are more suitable for used and relatively older, regular automobiles.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Open Transport Carriers:

  • The Pros – Open Transport carriers generally are a little less safe than the enclosed option as the carrier is not covered by a protective sheath. On the other hand, this is a much quicker and more easily available choice between the two. Besides, the open auto transportation carriers come cheaper with more flexibility. You can schedule the pick-up and delivery as power your convenience within a more affordable price range. The fuel cost is also on the lower end, owing to the lighter weight of the carriers that can hold up to 7 to 010 vehicles at the same time.
  • The Cons – The biggest disadvantage of open car shipping is that your vehicles are completely exposed to the outer environment. If there is heavy rainfall or a brightly shining sun, it can cause considerable damage to the exterior of your car. And if there is an unforeseen situation, the safety of your car can be compromised. You might even have to take the car straight to the carwash on its arrival at your new location, thanks to the dirt and grit on the road.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers: 

  • The Pros – Enclosed auto transport services offer your vehicle ultimate protection during the move. It protects automobiles from harsh weather conditions and the dirt and dust of the road. You get your car in the same condition you had submitted it from the shipping without a single scratch or chipped paint. Most importantly, the drivers of such enclosed auto transport carriages are specially trained to ship expensive models and collectibles and have a good road sense along with an extensive experience in the field.
  • The Cons- Unlike open auto transport carriers, their enclosed counterparts cannot carry as many cars simultaneously as them. The price for enclosed auto transport services is also comparatively higher. Since the carriers are heavy and bulky, they might not be suitable for certain routes and can cumulate higher fuel costs for the same reason.



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