Faces of Vietnam: Unique Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary

Southeast Asian countries are often lumped together in tour packages because they are close to each other and share borders, but each one actually has unique characteristics. This unique Vietnam and Cambodia itinerarywill show you the faces of the two SEA countries that will surely make you want to explore them!

Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes 

Are you in Vietnam or in Arizona? You will be confused about your location once you visit the Red Sand Dunes in Mui Ne. Red and brown in color, the sand dunes in this part of Mui Ne have been featured in many travel magazines. But aside from offering amazing photo opportunities you can enjoy in this Grand Canyon-esque landscape, this place also has exciting activities for you if you’re the adventurous type. You can rent a jeep and have a thrilling ride on the rusty sand. Why not try sand boarding, too?

Mau Chau Valley 

Vietnam isn’t just a place for exciting adventures but also for solemn nature retreats. If you are looking for a quiet remote area, stay a few days in Mau Chau Valley found in the northern part of the country. This charming village is home to the White Thai Ethnic Minority who manages to preserve the traditional and simple way of life. Here, you will learn and experience farming rice, raising animals, fishing, weaving scarves, doing handicrafts, and more.

Ancient Hoi An  

A historical tour in Ancient Hoi An is something that you must add to your Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary. Hoi An is a small town that will bring you back to 15th to 19th century Vietnam. Relax and admire the architecture and long histories of popular tourist sites, Chinese temples, wooden shop-houses, French-colonial houses, and old canals.

Angkor Wat Complex 

Every Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary that you will see on the internet will surely include Angkor Wat Complex; a top tourist spot in Cambodia and among the seven wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO. Angkor Wat temple is the country’s pride with its rich history and heritage dating back from the 9th century. In fact, it appears on Cambodia’s national flag. The temples and towers look incredible in photos but wait until you see them closely, you will be astonished, for sure.

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